What Can You Do With A Civil Engineering Degree?

Civil Engineering focuses on the infrastructure and the overall look of a city. The qualifications to become a civil engineer are difficult to obtain, and it comes with a lot of responsibility. There are several civil engineering options, and they are always in high demand. Below is a list of various specializations that you can choose after graduating from a civil engineering college in Hyderabad as per your interests.

At the entry level, you can start by working under the supervision of senior officers of the field. There are various entry-level positions in both public and private sectors that mainly include you as a part of the ongoing construction projects. You will get to learn the requirements of the position which will prepare you for the future.

Construction Managers

Construction managers are generally the bosses of the working sites. With thorough knowledge on the fundamental things, like costs, weather, team and time management, site managers are to be the eyes and ears of the employee who hired them and have to ensure that everything works smoothly. Other responsibilities you will have as a site engineer are looking after

  • Safety conditions

  • Day to day logistics

  • Solving problems

  • Keeping to the budget

  • Sourcing materials

Geotechnical Engineer

Geo Technicians have to always be on the lookout for everything related to nature and should know how to manage flood control, waste disposal, when and where to build a dam or a bridge or a tower, and so on. And, once you get the hang of all the things in the field, you will be the best at what you do.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers take care of the planet by carefully considering all the aspects of designing and allow us to stay in touch with nature. Choosing this field will let you restore landscapes and nature by rebuilding them and create healthy indoor as well as outdoor environments. Further, one of your basic responsibilities to stop the planet from getting wrecked further.

Public Health Engineer

As a public health engineer, your prime responsibility will be in controlling the water supply and sewage system so that it does not mix with drinking water and ensure the good health of the citizens. Also, you take care of the people in towns and villages by making sure the water is clean and usable.

Transportation Engineer

All those subways, trams, bridges, roads, highways, sidewalks, and so on are all due to transportation engineers. They design comfortable and shortest routes creating easy modes of commutation for people.

Urban Planning Engineer

Urban planning lets you bring out your idea of a perfect and modern city and implement it in economical ways. It includes everything from where to build parks, residential areas, schools, office space, and so on. It requires careful and thorough planning so that one does not collide with the other.

Structural Engineer

As a structural engineer, you will be designing buildings that will pertain to the building design codes, safety regulations and ensure that the structure can withstand weather conditions. There are various technical software using which you will be designing buildings by putting in all your knowledge and coming up with efficient and unique structures.

Other options after graduation course in civil engineering from top B.tech colleges in Hyderabad are as follows.

  • Quantity surveyor

  • Consultant regarding the environment or sustainability

  • Site engineer

  • Building service engineer

  • Engineering geologist