To make home in Dehradun is a win-win situation. The city is one of the most picturesque places in India and offers the right environment and climate to call it home. There is a band of residents in Dun consisting of retirees and NRI’s, who prefer this city in comparison with others. Undoubtedly, Dehradun is a favorite destination to buy land or pre-constructed home because it has something that other places cannot propose.

Through this Blog we will find out the reasons as to why owning a piece of land in Dehradun is a great choice. Here we go:

The Climate Advantage

Dehradun is one city that promises much better climatic condition than most other cities in India. And why not. The city is nestled below the mighty Himalayan Mountains and teeming with jungles all around. This natural coolant keeps the atmosphere pleasant and keeps the summer heat at bay.

Progressive ROI

To have a home in Dehradun is also a great investment opportunity. Ever since the state of Uttarakhand came into existence, the real estate rates have been on a surge. The average rise in the property price stands at 3-5% per annum. Excellent return on investment is a substantial reason why Dehradun is a favorite destination to buy land or home.

Educational Hub

Dehradun is a globally renowned educational paradise, be it for school or higher education. Within Dehradun and Mussourie there are famous schools like The Doon School, Welhams School, Mussourie Public School, Woodstock, and The Indian Public School to name a few.For higher education, The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dolphin Institute, DevBhoomi Institute of Technology and the Himalayan Institute of Pharmacy & Research are some of the prominent names.

Evolving Employment Hub

Dehradun has attained the reputation of being an educated city with no lack of skilled manpower. This led to several IT and ITeS to set up their offshore locations and benefit out of the available resources. There are also numerous government jobs available because Dehradun is the capital city of the state. There are wonderful employment prospects if someone decides to live a life in Dehradun.  

Your Second (Weekend) Home

Imagine a home with placid mountains and thick forests in your backyard. And you’re still in touching distance with central town area. This is what Dehradun offers. It can be your perfect weekend home, first, for leisure & recreation and secondly, as a future investment security option. Consider your Dehradun visit to be a health break and to be in a neat & clean environment.

Retirement Option

If you are a senior citizen and want to live a placid life after retirement then we truly recommend the city of Dehradun. It is known to be a post-retirement paradise because it offers an easy going social culture, good quality of the atmosphere, Himalayas nearby and several such favorable factors.

Preferred by Non-Resident Indians (NRI)

Dehradun is one of the favored destinations for NRIs. Why NRI prefer Dehradun? It is easy to buy land here and build a home as per your desire. Good weather, cultural convenience, and a modern outlook are perfect reasons to make Dehradun your home.

Smart City Status

Dehradun has achieved the status of a Smart City scheme of the government. Various development schemes are being introduced in Dehradun (or completed) and work is underway to make it progressive, yet environment-friendly.

Tourism Hub

Dehradun, along with Mussourie, Rishikesh and Haridwar is one of the busiest tourist circuits not just in India but in the world. Millions from across the world visit this beautiful place in the foothills of Himalayas.

Dehradun is a favorite destination to buy land and make your own paradise nest. The city is a blessing for your health and peaceful life. It is also not a huge city and accessible from the central downtown within minutes. Enough reasons to own land, make a home and transcend to a happy life.