In short, it corrects speech disorders in both children and adults. Most parents believe that a Best Therapist in El Monte only corrects lisping or burr and a different kind of fuzzy pronunciation of sounds. In fact, the specialization of a speech therapist is much wider and requires knowledge not only in the field of his direction but also the basics of pedagogy, psychology, neuropathology and even otolaryngology.

Therapist for my Child

The main tasks of a speech therapist:

  • the study of speech defects and the causes that gave rise to them;
  • development of methods and programs necessary to correct speech disorders;
  • accompaniment in the formation of the language(s);
  • language development and support programs

What should bother parents?

The help of a professional speech therapist is necessary if your child:

  • from two or three months, does not walk;
  • from six to seven months, does not babble;
  • from the first year, does not pronounce a word;
  • for two years, does not build short phrases of 2-3 words;
  • to three years, does not make sentences of 5 or more words, does not remember short verses;
  • by four years old, he is  not able to build sentences correctly, does not ask hundreds of questions a day!
  • by the age of five, he cannot speak in whole complex sentences, does not remember verses, fairy tales, does not invent his own stories.

At 3 years, it is recommended that all children be consulted by an El Monte therapist, regardless of whether he has speech disorders or not.


Sometimes parents are sure that their child is developing normally, he is just lazy or stubborn, does not want to talk or read. What seems stubborn or lazy to adults can be the beginning of serious mental and mental disabilities. A professional speech therapist will surely notice this, who can refer you to consult a neurologist or psychologist.


Often, children who have speech impairments also eat poorly. It is difficult for them to eat hard vegetables or fruits, for example, carrots or apples, to chew a piece of meat. Weak muscles of the upper and lower jaw complicate not only the absorption of food, but also prevents the articulatory apparatus from developing. Speech therapist’s advice: more often give your child crackers; whole fruits and vegetables; Teach you to eat meat as a whole piece, do not try to cut products for babies into small pieces.

At what age is a speech therapist consulted?

The Soviet methodology of speech therapy correction suggested the first consultation with a specialist no earlier than five years. Modern doctors believe that by this age, the child’s speech should already be phonetically developed, and recommend that the first appointment with a speech therapist be completed in two to three years. Then annually up to the school period it is necessary to be observed by a specialist in order to notice deviations from the age norm in time. You need to visit a pediatric speech therapist as early as possible, since it is more difficult to correct speech disorders with age, and this process will take much longer.

Is it possible to correct children’s speech?

Having noticed any violations in the speech development of the child, parents should not only seek advice and help from a professional speech therapist, but also help specialists in correcting children’s speech. But the first skills of classes, the methodology of exercises should still be obtained from a speech therapist, to go through several classes with the child. However, if a child has serious speech disorders, it is impossible to correct them independently without teachers and doctors, you can only miss the time and opportunity for treatment. In such situations, you need professional knowledge and special equipment that parents do not have.

How to get to a speech therapist?

Professional speech therapists with special higher education work not only in medical institutions (polyclinics and hospitals), but in educational: kindergartens and schools, as well as in cultural centers and various kindergartens. But often parents, even knowing the need to consult a speech therapist, postpone the visit for various reasons: they do not consider speech defects a serious violation, do not find time to visit the hospital because of their employment or there is no specialist in this category in their city (village, village, etc.) .P.)

In such cases, the Internet will help out with which you can get remote speech therapy and psychological services using a web camera. This method of online communication with speech therapists and specialists from other areas via Skype has recently become increasingly popular.

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