We all learned that our body is made up of mostly water. Around 75-80% of our body mass. All the cells and tissue in the body needs water for their metabolism. So, you can imagine what will happen; if our body lacks the basic necessity for growth and development. Even though, there are plenty of facts and truth about the needs of water in our body; yet many people are subconsciously not aware of this fact.

Day in and day out; we are constantly running for our lives and hardly realized the basic needs of the body; until we fall ill. Our health and well being largely depends on the food we eat and the water we drink. A man can live for 40 days without food but not without water. Such is the important of water for our daily life. Here are the 10 common warning sign that the body needs water.

10 most common warning sign that the body needs water

We should not ignore the warning sign that our body cry out for the lack of water. These signs and symptoms should be taken into consideration and immediate action should be taken.      

Headache and fatigue

Do you constantly complain that you’re having a headache? And then blame it on your work; your colleges and that you are stress out and what not! Well; it’s time to drink a glass of water to release all the toxic that have accumulated in your body.  Lack of water in the body, leads to headache.

This is because the cells and tissue in our body are dehydrating and more energy and fluids needed by the body to cope with the work done during the day. Hence, we might feel tired and fatigue most of the time due to lack of water.

Accelerated heart beat

When the body lacks water; the heart beat faster than normal. The reason is; the heart needs to pump more blood into the body. So, with less water; the friction increases, making the heart to work harder even though you are just sitting in your chair. It is similar to working out or running that the heart needs to pump more blood. However, this is not the case but just the sign of the lack of water in the body.


Researchers have found out now that; cravings happen because of the lack of water in the body. Whenever you feel hungry or carve to eat something; drink a glass of water and your cravings will subside. We carve not because we want to have certain foods but because our body needs water.

Dry mouth and bad breath

Do you have bad breath? This could be lack of water in the body. The saliva in the mouth; usually used to get rid of some of the mouth bacteria that might lead to bad health. However, when the body lacks water; the saliva production reduces and thus; it is not able to clean up the bacteria that cause bad breath. The mouth too becomes dry. Sometimes bad breath is also caused due to gums diseases which you need to floss regularly and drink plenty of water during the day.

Joint pain

Joint pain is another issue that is caused by water. Our tissue, muscles and joints needs the right amount of water to functions properly. With less water in the body; the radicals get accumulated in the joints area which leads to tissue stress and joint pain occur.

Dry skin and lips

Is your skin dry? Or do you have dry lips which crack very often? If your answer is yes then; this could be a sign that your body needs water. You should not ignore these sign which may leads to ill health in the future.

Poor concentration

If your concentration is poor then you need to take serious action about the way you use to drink water every day. The power to concentrate might not comes so easily to man; but if you feel distracted over a matter, even though the environment is not so disturbing then; you should consider drinking more water in a day. Water builds the brain and helps you to focus more on your task

Digestion issue

Constipation, indigestion and gastric; are all caused due to lack of water in the body. The stomach cannot digest the food properly and leads to indigestion. The production of digestive enzymes is greatly affected and thus constipation takes place.

Colored urination

When the body metabolism is affected; even the color of the urine changed. By nature urine is light yellow in color due to the presences of a pigment called urochrome. But when sanctity of water takes place; it becomes darker in color because of the pressure on the kidney to eliminate toxic out of the body.

The skin age faster

The elasticity of the skin depends on it suppleness and elastin production of the skin. A dry skin cannot be supple. This will lead to early aging because the skin losses it collagen faster than normal. So, want to stay young and smart? Make it a habit to drink as much water as you can.

Never ignore all of the above common warning signs; which prove that your body is crying out for water. Many of the roots cause of diseases are due to lack of water in the body. Eat healthy, drink 8-9 glasses of water in a day and be merry. Life is wonderful and so are you.

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