The moment you become a woman makes you eligible to visit a gynecologist rather than a child specialist. A young girl normally reaches puberty age anywhere between 12 to 14 ages. Visiting a gynecologist is important for a woman because this particular kind of doctors know all matters related to females. Young women often do not consider visiting a gynecologist but it is important to do so. This article discusses questions that gynecologist may ask on the first visit. If you want to get the best out of your first gynecologist visit, this topic is for you.

Visiting A Gynecologist for the First Time

A gynecologist is a person who specializes in gynecology. This particular type of doctor knows everything about the female body parts such as breast and vagina as well as the female reproductive system. While regularly visiting a gynecologist or obstetrician is crucial, a woman with any other issue must also visit a gynecologist at the earliest. A female reaches puberty after having first periods. After this experience, a girl becomes a woman and she will no longer visit a child specialist for a problem. A gynecologist is a person she will see for all matters specially problems related to the female parts.

A lot changes after transforming from a child to a grown up woman; so visiting a gynecologist is recommended even if there is no reason for this. If a girl becomes sexually active before reaching the puberty age, she should regularly visit her gynecologist.

Questions Gynecologist May Ask On First Visit

Gynecologists can ask a variety of question because it is your first visit because they have to conduct a thorough analysis of your body. Besides other body parts, your doctor has to check the internal and external state of your female parts. Besides the physical examination of the body and asking a number of questions, the doctor will also conduct some laboratory tests to make sure the woman is totally safe. Here is the list of questions your gynecologist may ask during your first consultation:

  • What is your vaccine history? Your doctor needs to know your vaccine and medical history. You should share with your gynecologist if you are taking any medication.
  • Do you use any birth control pills? It is necessary to share if you are using any type of contraceptives. Oral birth control pills have side effects and your doctor will elaborate on it.
  • How often you have periods and is there anything abnormal? You must know how often you have periods and how much spotting you are used to having.
  • Do you have any vaginal discharge and how does it look like? Even if there is an embarrassing thing, you should share with your gynecologist to be on the safer side.
  • Do you have any sign or symptoms such as pain and vomiting? Keep a record of any symptoms you are having or you have had lately. If something is causing pain or any other issue, share it.
  • Are you sexually active and are you sleeping more than one man? This information is important and you should be honest with your doctor. Do not worry; it will stay between you and your doctor.

Your doctor may ask many more questions and you should be prepared for it. It is normal to have a lot of questions when it comes to vaginas and sexual health.

Get Ready and Visit Your Gynecologist

Now you know the important questions that gynecologist may ask on the first visit. If you are to visit your gynecologist for the first time prepare beforehand to get the best out of your first consultation. You should also search for the question that you should ask on your first appointment. So search a bit more online and prepare a list of questions that your doctor is going to ask and a list of questions that you should ask to learn more about yourself. Please take some time to choose the right professional to learn everything better.

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