No reason requires to quenching the thirst of a wanderlust soul. Voyaging out to the unknown world has always been enticing to mankind and this enthusiasm is trending till antiquity and will continue to do so till eternity. Who doesn’t like to go on an expedition to the Mt. Everest or go exploring the Coral Reefs of Australia? Only thing that restraint us from going on a trip to our dream location is money. But this myth has been busted as with smart planning and pre-booking of flight and hotel from an online booking portal, we can go on an international trip under the budget we can afford.

If you are intending to travel to Australia on a budget, there are ample of opportunities you can take, which will even save you some extra bucks too. Well, Australia is a little on the expensive side but proffers you multifarious options to visit the land. Let’s explore.

Great Barrier Reef

The iconic Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest Coral Reef. It is a home to abundance of marine life, comprises over 3000 coral cays and reefs, hundreds of tropical islands with world’s most beautiful and sun-soaked beaches. A visitor can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, bare-boats, whale watching and swimming stroll with dolphins.

Trails and walks

With so many beaches, the best way to discover the real Australia is to be on bare foot. Refreshing with Hermitage Foreshore Track, Bradleys Headwalk, Boondi to Coogi coastal walk, you will experience moments of once in a lifetime.

Watching the giants

If you are lucky enough you will get glimpse of migrating humpback whale from Sydney’s best vantage point. The official season runs from May to November every year. The best time to visit is either early morning or the sunset, as there is high time to witness the giant whales blessing you with their existence at the place.

National parks

Australia is blessed with some of the picturesque national parks that are a home to wildlife since long. Visit the famous Blue Mountains west of the city, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park or the Royal National Park, you will be spellbound to witness the wildlife so close.


When overseas, relishing through the delicacies is a treat to your tongue and to your soul. Australia has a huge array of eateries that serves both Indian, continental and authentic Australian cuisines, that is enough to tickle your taste buds. You can also head to the Marrickville for Greek, Vietnamese and Portuguese or try the Chinese delicacies of Chinatown.

Australia has a lot to offer to each and every, who wishes to visit this magnificent land. So what are you waiting for? Get Budget air tickets online and book instantly and head to explore Australia.