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We often do not need to record what is going on in front of us on the screen, especially if we are attending lectures online. Whether we are the recipient or the presenter, it is a feature that can be used in order to help them complete their work. 

Screen recording is useful for its users, as it enables them to refer to the media and files they previously recorded when they are needed again, and this will save them time a lot. 

In the following report, we present to you RecordCast Screen Recorder, which is the best free screen recording program, so follow us to know it in detail. 

About RecordCast 

RecordCast Screen Recorder is a web application used to record computer screens and edit videos with its video editor. It is free, and you do not be required for any registration or downloading anything. 

This app has been developed by PearlMountain Limited, a software development company focusing on R&D in graphics and multimedia software. This developer has also developed many other tools that are used by users in more than 100 countries around the world. 

The best free screen recorder  

best free screen recorder

It is one of the best free online screen recording programs, and when we talk about being free, we do not mean that we will have to deal with poor quality and few features. On the contrary, this application has many great features, so let’s get to know it. 

RecordCast is an online video capture service for screen content that works directly in your browser. So, you can use this service regardless of the operating system you own, but the main thing you need is a browser. I personally use Google Chrome.  

To control it fully, all you need to do is press the start recording button. The program can also record voice comments from a microphone or audio system, but the length of the clip should not exceed 30 minutes at the moment. 

The device has a pop-up window at the top of all windows that indicates a panel with control buttons. You are able to select one of the presets and click the “Share” button. To end the registration, just press the Done button. You can choose to re-record the screen, download the video, or even edit this video right away. 

Being one of the best free web screen recording tools, it does not provide the recording feature only, but it provides its users with a number of elements that help them in the recording process, such as the ability to add arrows and highlight text to draw attention to a specific part of the screen. 

RecordCast also has its own video editing program, which enables you to edit the video after recording it, so that you can add animation, photos, music, trim, edit clips and more to your videos. 

RecordCast features 

Free use 

One of the main features that push you to use this program is that it is 100% free, and this will save you a lot of budgets. And even though it is free, it offers you many great features. 

Compatible with all operating systems 

As we explained earlier, RecordCast works on any operating system that is important to have a web browser. Therefore, you do not need to download the program to your device in order to use it. 

Great recording features 

With RecordCast, you can record the entire screen, record audio, record from a webcam, etc. You can also flexibly make adjustments as you like. 

The built-in video editor 

built-in video editor

The program has two uses. It is not limited to recording but extends to editing as well. After completing the recording, you can edit it with the built-in video editor in the program and then upload it to social media. There are various features and effects in your video editing tool that will give you an attractive look. 

Downsides of RecordCast 

No recording scheduled 

 Let’s say you are busy with something else and you don’t have time to wait for the live broadcast, but you want to record it on your computer. You cannot make a scheduled recording. This might be a feature that needs to be added. 

Fewer export formats  

in terms of exporting, RecordCast only enables you to export MP4 and WEBM formats. If you want other formats, you should find another application to convert them. But there is no doubt that the MP4 format is fast enough as almost every platform supports MP4. 

How to use RecordCast 

How to use RecordCast

Being the most popular screen recording program, you can easily enter it very quickly. Typing and you will immediately reach the site’s page, and on the home page, you will find the registration icon. Click on it, select what you will record, and then start In your registration process. 

After you finish, add a pause at the top of the screen, and then go, and you will find the recorded video is ready for download immediately. In case you want to modify it after downloading, the editing menu for the video that you recorded will appear in front of you. On different social media, or download it to store it on your device’s memory. 

Here was a brief introduction to the best free screen recording software. Are you ready to try it? 

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