Swings adorn children’s play area or act as a respite for the elderly – but swings have been a part of Indian tradition since time immemorial. Right from the humble Hindu households to nawabi ‘Chahar bagh’, an Indian swing provides a touch of exuberance and playfulness to your overall home décor. Now, in modern households, swings have found its way to courtyards, balconies, lawns.

So, if you’re wondering of adding a swing to your home, you’re in the right place! Let’s find out which type of swings would suit best for your room.

For big homes – Hammock

This ultimate relaxation swing is the one to take you to a ‘holiday’ and kindle the beach vibe within you. Hammocks are available in numerous styles, making them apt for your modern living area.

Have it suspended between two pillars or get a hammock with stands. You can go for light materials like cotton ropes or canvas cloth – which can easily be moved and placed in any room.

For small homes – Bubble swings

Probably the most common Indian swing sets in a household – bubble swings are a crowd-pleaser. These are not only classy and sturdy but are also easy to maintain. Can be placed both outdoors or indoors – you can buy them in manner and fashion of your liking. Go for cane and wooden variants for the best feel and longevity.

For spacious living area – Suspended sofa-cum-bed

Oozes royaltyfrom every aspect, suspended sofa-cum-beds can serve both for relaxing and sleeping purposes. You can replace your age-old master sofa with an ornamental suspended sofa-cum-bed to give your room a regal look.

Mostly available in teak-wood variant and wrought iron, you can further customise it to sync with your other furniture in the living space. Make sure to suspend these from ceiling well-enough with metal-clamped chains. Remember, the suspenders must be strong enough to hold the weight of at least two adults sturdily. Hence, they are best suited for indoors and try to avoid suspending them on balconies.

For outdoor balconies – Plastic wicker swing

Made from plastic wicker – this swing-set is best suited for outdoor seating as it can withstand various weather conditions. Those who own a front lawn or have a hanging balcony can make the most use of plastic wicker swings. Available in both string and stand-versions, this Indian swing can be further customised as per your choice. One can choose from a range of dark colour shades – making them stain-resistant and easy to maintain. You can also deck it up with cushions and luxurious upholstery to add both comfort and glamour.

For outdoors and indoors – Homemade swings

For those who like to do stuff their way – homemade swings are a perfect way to adorn your home and keep the fun factor as well. Such Indian swing can be from jute, plastic or cane – literally anything! You can buy them from numerous pop-up stores at great deals.

With these tips, you can now buy a swing of your choice and up the aesthetics of your modern home.

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