There is no doubt in the fact that assignments may turn out to be nightmares for most of the students. This is because the students are bound with time limits, hard requirements, complicated university guidelines, and many other things. Among most of the assignments, the professors are in search of a good academic assignment paper.

You might have wondered why your mate is scoring high than you? One of the major reasons for this may be the presentation of the assignment. Presentation is something that is very important to take care of by the students. Whether you are presenting yourself or your assignment, it has to be professional in every aspect. Most of the students don’t consider the assignment writing task an essential one, because of which they end up availing online assignment help from the online groups.

For the ones who are writing their assignments on their own, they must know the tips to make their assignment a presentable paper.

To begin with, let us know what are the ideal fonts for an assignment?

For the online assignments, Times New Roman is considered as the standard font which the students have been using to write their assignments. But, Calibri or Arial are also the ones that are used by most of the students. Talking about the font size, it must not exceed 12 for the content part of the assignment.

The assignment must be written in MS word and .doc, .xls, .docx, etc. are the major file formats used. Make sure that for any university, .ppt, .pdf, html, etc. are not suitable ones to use.

1. Correct Spacing is Required

Once you know the font that you are going to use in the assignment, it is important to know about the type of spacing as per your university instructions. In general, you are suggested to go for 1.5-line spacing. You must go for double spacing only in case your professor asked you to do it. Besides this, a blank line must be left in between each paragraph. You are suggested to left-justify your assignment paper.

2. Don’t Forget the Headings

With the help of headings, the readers get a clue of what a specific paragraph is being talked about. Thus, in order to impress the professors, it is important for the students to include short and attractive headings in the assignment. Also, try to add subheadings as and where required in order to present your assignment effectively.

3. Remember the Referencing Style

Referencing is considered one of the major aspects of writing assignments. Once you have completed your assignment, creating a reference page is highly important as it helps the readers to know the origin of particular information. There are different formats of referencing that can be adopted by the students. But, it is suggested to read the university guidelines first as you will get to know about the type of referencing style that needs to be adopted. APA style referencing is the most used one.

4. Title Page Must Be Catchy

There is no surprise that the title page of the assignment contains all the necessary information related to the student and the assignment. So, it is highly important to make your assignment an attractive one. When you have to complete your title page, you need to include the following things:

• The title of your assignment.
• The name and number of your course.
• The date of submission of the assignment.

5. Don’t Overwrite the Content

This case is only valid when you have to write the assignment by hand. Overwriting is one major issue that is faced by the students as there is a lot of information that can be added as a part of the assignment. This can further lead to a decrease in the overall grades of their academics.

All these points contribute to making the assignment look presentable and noticeable. Consider these points while you write the assignment so as to get good grades in the assignment.