Stress is one of those inevitable companions of the modern era that we can’t surpass or avoid even after our best efforts. It transforms into an insidious problem if you are not able to manage your stress well. It can turn all your emotions inside out. 

While a healthy amount of stress is quite necessary for helping us to stay active and inspired, if not checked at the right time, it can derail your health completely and you can fall into the shutdown mode. 

People who suffer from anxiety also undergo certain types of anxiety disorders and therefore they have trouble in sleeping. Too little sleep can affect the mood which contributes to depression and irritability.

The vital functions of the body take place at the various sleep stages. This helps to make you feel energised and rested. The sleep can actually make you feel rested. The vital functions of sleep occur during various stages of sleep and if you are not able to sleep well, naturally it can wreak havoc on your health. 

So here are a few tips that will help you to beat your stress and sleep well at night. Just take care. 

  • Try to Go for Relaxation before Bedtime – In the evening hours, you should decrease the stimulation as soon as possible. You should dim the lights and slow the things down. Then you can do something that you find relaxing like doing gentle yoga, reading or sharing your day’s experience with the partner or even taking a bath. Try to make the evening a very cool and relaxing ambiance. If you are not able to avoid certain tasks, you should try to complete it in a relaxed manner.
  • Exercise -The working out schedule is not going to cure your stress. But it can assist to clear the head and give you the feeling of control. You can try something that can calm your mind. While yoga can be extremely effective for relaxation, there is nothing that can be more relaxing than hitting on the punchbag. Don’t enhance your stress by smoking, drinking and going for double expresses. They are not going to provide you with any relief. They are just pits that are going to make you feel worse. However, if you do exercise, make it a point of going for it at least a couple of hours before bedtime. Then it won’t interfere with your sleep. 
  • Set a Goal – You should spend about 30 minutes with your self everyday and do something that relaxes your mind. If you ask yourself what you love to do the most and there is nothing that comes to your mind, then you have to now spend about an hour for yourself. This will help you to unwind and sleep better at night. 
  • Have a Sleepy Meal by Night – You should have those foods that assist in promoting sleep. This includes the melanin, tryptophan and magnesium. You should have a combination of complex carbs and quality proteins. You should try a sauteed green mixed with quinoa dish and sliced chicken breasts with pumpkin seeds that are roasted. You can try a cherries that are frozen or make frozen yogurt with coconut milk and frozen cherries. These foods will help you to unwind and sleep better at night as you get rid of your stress. 
  • Avoid Alcohol and Quit Smoking – Smoking can cause a number of health issues including compromising your sleep in a variety of ways. The large meals can induce heart-burn and alcohol can do the same for you. In fact, though many people think of resorting to alcohol when stressed, this does not help you to wind down at all. On the contrary, it will prevent you from sleeping well. Similarly, you should also try to avoid drinking a lot of fluid before bedtime. This will prevent you from going for bathroom breaks frequently. 
  • Clear Your Head – You may not be able to believe this, but studies have shown that meditation can help you to DE-stress after just 2 months. The meditation re-programmed the brain to manage the stress that rises before it begins to accumulate and bury you. There is a plethora of apps available which is designed for people who meditate like the Head space app.
  • Take a Relaxing Bath – You should combine Epsom salts (half cup) and combine it essential oil (just a few drops) like lavender oil within a tub of hot water. You should soak these for about 20 minutes. The skin the absorbs the magnesium contained in the salt and promotes the relaxation feeling. The salt and water cleanse your body and mind of all the stress that you feel through the day. 

If the above don’t work and you are still not being able to sleep well then there can be some other conditions that you can be experiencing like Insomnia or Sleep Apnea for which you must consult with a reputed sleep apnea dentis without delay.