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International English Language Testing System, or simply known as IELTS, is an international English based test for non-native English language speakers. It was established in 1989 and is one of the major English language tests in the world. IELTS is the only secure English language test that is approved by the UK Visas and Immigration for customers and is applicable on all applying inside and outside the UK. Basically, there are two modules of this test. The first is the Academic Module. It is intended for all those applying in educational institutes for higher studies, and for doctors and nurses who intend on practicing medicine in an English-speaking country.

The total time for the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes and includes assessments related to Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing. There are no set criteria for passing or failing. IELTS is scored on a nine-band scale, with each band corresponding to a specified competency. Test takers can take the test in more than 140 countries and in over 1200 locations around the globe. However, there are up to 48 dates available throughout the year and each test center offers tests up to 4 times a month depending on public demand. Previously a 90 days restriction was imposed on people retaking the test, but it has since then been lifted and currently, there is no restriction on applicants to retake this test.


IELTS courses are offered throughout the UAE, but predominantly in Dubai. It is to be noted that full time and part-time classes are being offered according to an applicant’s availability. However, most people prefer part-time classes as it’s easier for them to carry out multiple tasks within a day. Finding an IELTS course in Dubai would be challenging at first. The best way to counter this problem is to check the upcoming test dates, as there are a number of test centers in Dubai. As soon as the individual is informed about test dates, they should register themselves for the test.

It is to be noted that the fees to appear in the IELTS varies between AED 1000-7500. However, applicants can either prepare for their test through preparation centers or either engage themselves in online IELTS preparation in Dubai. Online preparation includes detailed videos about the content being taught and the method of teaching is top tier as well. If an individual decides to prepare for the test online, he/she has multiple detailed videos to learn from, as well as lots of sample papers to prepare from. However, a disadvantage of preparing for IELTS online is the fact that their speaking skills won’t be polished up to the mark. This won’t be considered a disadvantage if the individual is dedicated enough and practices it thoroughly.

Final Words:

Moving to an English-speaking country, such as the UK, has its perks and advantages. People have a lot of opportunities to choose from, be it either for educational or professional purposes. The IELTS test isn’t that difficult as most people consider it to be. A person just needs the determination to pass the test, and he/she has multiple opportunities to choose from later on. Those who are interested should apply for online IELTS Preparation or either through preparation centers in-order to make their dreams come true.

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