Seekit Edge

You have a dozen things and more on your mind day in and day out already. You certainly don’t need to worry about any additional tasks but unfortunately when the task at hand is something that involves finding your wallet, which is undoubtedly a most prized possession, then you have no choice but to cater to this. After all, your wallet holds the key to all your credit and debit cards, cash and other confidential details. If you happen to find yourself in this situation more often than not, you should seriously consider going in for the Seekit Edge.

This wallet tracker comes with handy features and easy to master specs that make it possible for you to find your wallet proficiently and that too with enough time to spare.

The boon of the Seekit Edge

Seeking your wallet is certainly going to prove to be a lot easier and more manageable with this device by your side. Besides helping you find your wallet, it makes it seamless for you to locate your document folders and bags too. The device is compact and lightweight for tight spaces and works on the simple principles of tag, connect and find. The device is 45mm in size and 3mm in thickness.

It possesses Bluetooth 5.0 and works especially well within the 100ft radius. It is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. It comes with an 18 months battery life and is water-resistant in nature. The cool and one-of-a-kind features it comes with are as follows:

Think you need to retrace your steps? Think again

Owing to the Last Seen Location, you never have to worry about going back to find out where you left your wallet. All you have to do is simply check where you last left your valuables with the assistance of the Seekit app.

Forgetting your belongings behind is going to be a thing of the past

You never have to worry about your belongings being left behind ever again. Certainly not with the Separation Indicator feature. The moment you leave your possessions behind and your valuable disconnects, you hear an alert on your smartphone that notifies you about the fact that you may end up misplacing your possessions.

Want to find a way to move closer to your belongings?

There is the proximity guidance feature you can benefit from when you own the Seekit Edge. For the times your valuables are around but you can’t seem to pinpoint the precise location, this feature proves to be immensely beneficial. Through the help of this feature on the Seekit app, you can move closer to your belongings easily.

Feel that you are in any kind of danger?

If you thought the Seekit Edge only makes certain your wallet and other valuables are safe, you have to tin again. This is because it keeps you safe and sound too. If you sense a threat near or around you, all you have to do is send an SOS alert. When you press the Seekit button three times, you send an alert along with your GPS location to three of your near and dear ones.

You are not alone in your quest

If you are though you are all alone in your search for your wallet and other valuables, this isn’t true. You can make use of the crowd GPS feature. This feature uses the last seen location to track your possessions down. Any of your items that fall within the 100ft range can be detected without any difficulty through the assistance of the Seekit community of users.

Other specs you need to be aware of

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are a few more additional features you need to know about. This includes the splash-proof feature that ensures water or any other liquid does not cause issues in the Seekit Edge’s functioning. Besides this, it comes with multiple alert modes and customized voice alerts. The intensity level of the voice alerts can be set by you. The Seekit Edge also comes with a quick selfie button that makes it easy to click pictures on the go, no matter where you are.

Give the Seekit Edge a Go

So what is holding you back? Give this budget-friendly and completely reliable device a go and check out the upside to using it yourself. This wallet finder app and device certainly work in tandem to make your search operations a smooth sailing process. It has everything you are looking for and more in the palm of your hand. All in all, if you have a penchant for losing your most prized possessions a little too often, going in for this device gives you the peace of mind you crave for knowing that you will find your way to your possessions in the best way possible.