Several individuals have that embarrassing problem of crowded or crooked teeth. One of the solutions which are very obvious for this type of orthodontic issue is to go for braces, but with a lot of teenagers and even adults needing the straightening of their teeth,  there’s another option which is known as invisible aligner or Invisalign.

An invisible aligner is a clear set of solid plastic aligners which are fitted into your mouth. This Invisalign must be checked and replaced within the first few months,  as they are working on aligning your teeth into your desired position. Invisalign is a choice which is preferred by several teenagers and adults because they are practically invisible. Nevertheless,  as with everything, there’re both advantages and disadvantages to making use of Invisalign.  It is vital to know every detail before you decide on your teeth getting fitted with aligners at your London Invisalign orthodontist’s or dentist’s office.

Here are the Advantages of Invisalign

There are several advantages to getting invisible aligners fitted in your teeth instead of going for traditional braces made of metal. The advantaged of the clear set of aligners include:

  • Comfort: Invisible aligner is much more comfortable to wear physically. Since there are no brackets or wires, you do not need to be worried about getting any cuts or nicks, which is painful in your mouth. These set of aligners are smooth and would not irritate your mouth. The aligners are just like a mouthguard and do not have any sharp edges.
  • More attractive: Since London Invisalign aligner is clear, it does not leave you with a mouth that is full of metal. In other words, they look more attractive, and several individuals would not even know you are putting them on. This shows that you can feel free to give that killer smile without having to feel too self-conscious.
  • Convenience: Invisible aligner has become a normal option for straightening people’s teeth, which denotes that you do not necessarily have to deal with braces made of metal. This makes it obvious that they are very convenient,  as they’re available on a widespread scale.
  • Can be Removed Anytime: Invisalign can be removed for brushing, eating, flossing,  and on some other occasions. That is a thing which can not be done when you have the traditional metal braces on.  It gives you the chance for consuming foods you need, and also practice better oral hygiene, that helps in lowering your risk of having gum disease when you are going through the process of getting your teeth straightened. You would not need to be worried about food particles getting stuck in your teeth, which mostly happens when people make use of traditional braces.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Invisible aligners need minimal maintenance. When you wear them, they can get dingy as time passes, but you can make use of a toothbrush dipped in a small amount of water and bleach to freshen them. Stains will be eliminated when you just scrub them for a minute. You are required to do this every other day.

Here are the Disadvantages of Invisalign

It is quite unfortunate that Invisalign also has some disadvantages. The following are the disadvantages of clear plastic aligners:

  • Expensive

    The fact that Invisible aligners are more expensive compared to traditional metal braces is one of the biggest disadvantages of Invisalign.  They’re not covered by any dental insurance, that means that you should expect to pay anywhere from 3,500 Pounds to 8,000 Pounds for them.

    In order words, if you do not have much money to spare, and you do not want to remove part of the college savings plan of your child, you will probably want to think about getting Invisalign again. Although some clinics give Invisalign special offer in London.
  • Attachments:

    There are a lot of attachments which go along with getting Invisalign, and they have become a norm. These attachments are normally enamel ridges which stick to your teeth in such a way that it is just like brackets which are also in standard braces.

    These attachments are being used to click to the aligners for them to fit better and can shift your teeth more effectively into your desired position. Invisible aligners are made much noticeable by attachments, which can make you look more like you are putting on actual braces.
  • You must wear them for about 22 hours daily

    Invisible aligners must be worn in your mouth for 22 hours every day. Usually,  you’re only supposed to remove them anytime you want to do daily oral hygiene or when you want to eat. This denotes that if you’re going out for a day, or even going for a party,  you’ll need to put them on.
  • Tooth Discomfort

    When you get new Invisible aligner trays, they can be quite uncomfortable, and also painful any time you are getting a new set fitted.  Though,  the orthodontist mostly refers to this feeling as “pressure,” it can be quite painful as your teeth are adjusting to a set of new aligners. You will likely want to make use of a pain reliever to assist you in easing this opinion while your teeth adjust to your new Invisalign.
  • Inconvenience

    Invisible aligners are very cumbersome.  You always need to remove them when you want to eat, and this means you will likely have had to deal with some embarrassing moments when you go to the restaurant or any other public places to eat. You’re also needed to brush your teeth after you finish eating before fitting them back in your mouth, this means you will be brushing your teeth multiple times every day, and this can be quite inconvenient.

What works for someone may not work for you, and it is necessary to make sure that Invisalign is the perfect option for straightening your teeth. To know if Invisalign will be the perfect option for you, make sure you reach out to Dental Clinic London, and you will get our Invisalign special offer in London!