Take care of your intimate health with these easy tips

Feminine hygiene is an important aspect of every woman. The intimate area of every woman is an exceptional ecosystem occupied by over 100 species of microorganisms. Many women don’t think about intimate hygiene as a disconnect from their usual hygiene routine. However, proper intimate hygiene requires diverse habits and it’s significant for the reason that your intimate area is weak and can be prone to infection. Tissues in intimate areas are particularly sensitive. Washing too little or too much or using inappropriate products can disturb the balance of protecting flora in the vulva and vagina areas, causing itching and infections.

Whenever you experience uneasiness in intimate areas (burning, thrush, etc.), it is significant to adopt suitable hygiene practices. For the proper hygiene practice, you have to use several intimate hygiene products available in the market. But you have to choose wisely these products as they contain a number of certain chemicals. There are many products that are designed for each and specific intimate hygiene problem. They consist on deodorant sprays for underarm, sweet spot wipes for cleaning your lower intimate area, panty liners (sanitary pads) that protect you during your period days and absorbs excessive sweating as well the excessive pants, hair removing creams and lotions, etc. the good news is that every woman can get these products at a low price with Health and Beauty Discount Codes. The biggest benefit of the Active discount codes is that you can use these vouchers on the stores which are well known around the globe. Your discount on your desired products is just a click away. You can save 10% off on your first order. What you need to do is to go on to the website of Discount Agent and provide the required information and you will get your discount codes. Get these discount codes immediately and enjoy budget-friendly shopping of your necessary intimate hygiene products.

Tips to take care of your intimate areas

Below you will find some helpful tips about intimate hygiene so you can maintain your intimate health.

Try to avoid using ordinary soaps and shower gel

Try not to use ordinary soaps and shower gel when cleaning your intimate parts. They are not ph sensitive and thereby can cause reduction of lacto bacteria that protect your private parts from germs. Instead of the ordinary soaps and shower gels, use specialized intimate gel/ foam at least once a day. During your menstrual period or pregnancy be even more concern about your personal hygiene and carry out washing your parts several times. But make sure you apply these gels only on the external genitalia, as they can cause damage to the inner side of your genitalia.

Avoid using harsh towels after bathing

You must not use excessive dry and harsh towel on your genitals after bathing. Instead of, use soft cotton towel and gently vibe your areas. Keep the towel dried out and change it every 3-4 days.

Avoid douching

Douching is known as spraying your vagina with hard water. Normally we think that when we wash our genitals with water we eliminate the bad odor or menstrual residue but in reality, we are disturbing the PH balance. Instead of spraying private parts, rinse around it with simple water. Keep in mind, the vagina naturally cleanses itself in numerous ways, so you now need to clean frequently for good hygiene.

Try to wear cotton made panties

Cotton is a soft and breathable material and helps in absorbing moisture. The cotton panties do not impede blood circulation and allow free air circulation. So if you want your intimate area fresh and clean, use cotton made panties. Moreover, you can choose the other materials that have cotton fabric fibers in it.

Change your sanitary pad after every 8 hours

You must change your sanitary pad or disinfect your menstrual cup every 8 hours. If you don’t change your pad after 8-1o hours it can cause infection and irritation due to the interaction of the gel of the sanitary pad and your menstrual flow.

Do not shave your pubic hair completely

It is best not to completely remove your pubic hairs, instead of this try to trim them. It is due to the fact that pubic hairs work as a barrier against the microorganism entering in your private area.

Final thoughts

The area in the region of your private areas is susceptible and weak, and scrubbing with extreme force can cause the skin around the vagina to shed off. Intimate areas must always be cleaned smoothly with products that are trouble-free on the skin, and don’t damage the skin away or decrease the pH levels in the region of the vagina.

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