So you have finally able to make your first android application or just brought your business to the android application. But one thing you should always keep in your mind that payment integration in android is never easy and it is a long and tiring process. And the benefits you get for business after the hard-worked journey is remarkable.

You have to do the first thing first if you are completely unaware of the electronic money systems you will have to first read about it or know it from some API integration specialist. Don’t worry we will let you know everything related to payment integration.

Modern technology changes in the world have led online shopping and e-commerce to become an integral part of our lives. This is the main reason why developers started payment integration in Android. This has undoubtedly helped out the customers in easily paying for various goods and services and other services such as paying bills, booking tickets, and so on.

One should for the above reasons don’t underestimate the power of payment gateway for android applications. This could help your sales and business reach to the moon in no time. With the help of all the custom API integration now making payments has become a walk on the cake.

Payment Gateway Integration in Android: Everything You Need to Know

Payment Gateway is perhaps a gift by the software development for helping the businesses to allow making payments for their e-commerce services within the available applications and websites. The good thing about the payment gateway here is they make it possible for verifying the customer’s data and thus supporting the major financial systems such as MasterCard, Visa and so on.

Let us focus and know about how all this integration and payments things actually work. Suppose there is an average customer who is using your e-commerce application to make some purchases. So the first thing which he does is choosing the product which he wants to buy. In the next step he adds that product to the cart. Now here is when payment gateway comes to the picture, as soon as product is in the cart, it gets linked up with the payment gateway.

After this, a request is sent to the card processor and the payment made gets an approval. The next step is when the merchant account shows the information related to the payment. Once this is done, after a few days it is sent to the merchant’s bank.

Now we will show you broadly how the online payment integration in the website and the software decisions related to it actually works. You have to be a little more patient as there are still a few things you need to know before integrating a payment gateway. The first thing which you need to know is that there are various account types such as aggregated and dedicated.

The Dedicated Merchant Account:

In case you are a merchant or business owner this would be your best choice. One of its main disadvantages, however, is it is pretty much expensive. But according to its pricing it also comes along with lots of advantages. The main advantage is it adjusts according to the customer requests and the money process transfer through it is really fast. Usually all this process takes a few days but along with this process the process is nearly easy and saves lot of your time.

The Aggregate Merchant Account:

This account is one of its kinds and allows you to store all your funds together as well as the money of other people as well. It is quite obvious that due to the facility it is more popular than the dedicated account. Additionally, you would be glad to know that the big players like Jenga API offers the aggregate merchant account. For this account you will also need to provide some of your personal information.

Applicable Security Certificates for Payment Integration in Android

When you are about to set up these types of a merchant account for payment integration, you will also need to purchase PCI DSS compliance certificate for making sure to the authority that you are eligible to handle the customer banking data. This is applicable even if you are using the most trusted gateway for your business. You will anyhow need to get this certificate. This is not that easy procedure and you will need to prepare an information system which would help in storing user card data.

The Conclusion

Hope our article has made everything clear to you related to payment integration in Android. We assure you to feel free about keeping in touch with us or Jenga API Payment Integration if you have some commercial application for which you need any kind of payment gateway integration.

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