Samsung Galaxy S11 Could be the first phone to get three front-facing Cameras!!

Samsung Galaxy S11 Could be the first phone to get three front-facing Cameras

We are almost ready to bid goodbye not only to 2019 but also the possibilities of a new lunch of smartphones, as the lunch-season is almost closed for all renowned mobile manufacturers.

This year, we have seen a few remarkable smartphones that have rocked the market with new features.

So, all smartphone lovers are eagerly waiting for the coming year expecting new lunch Galaxy S11 from the renowned smartphone makers with stunning features.

We are not quite sure about all the features, with few being newly introduced and rest being the modification of the previous features. But, Rumors have filled the air that the new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S11, will have an “under-display camera” and probably three front-facing cameras. Moreover, it is expected that Samsung, the ace mobile-makers, probably will plan to introduce the “Galaxy S11 series” in three variants, with Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11e having both 4G and 5G network while the Galaxy S11+ featured with 5G as standard.

Let’s look into the following list of the features that has been mostly discussed subjects among the diehard smartphone lovers.

  • The traditional look will not be changed as Galaxy S11 will have the same old curvy design with rounded corners and curved edges like other ‘Galaxy S series
  • Under the display, the camera replaces the “Punch Hole Cutouts” technique introduced in the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10.
  • An exceptional model whenever the camera is concerned, to be equipped with a ToF lens, 5x optical zoom, and a stunning108-megapixel sensor.
  • The Galaxy S11+ is claimed to have a display of 6.4 inches to 6.9 inches, different sizes of display for three different variants.
  • The handset may have either Samsung’s newest Exynos 990 chipset or Snapdragon 865 SoC.
  • The handset may have up to 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB storage, report says.

Big news for the selfie –shooters: Three front-facing camera:

The Korean mobile giant has already compelled everyone doing the rounds regarding the camera, a feature worth to be discussed more. The Korean intellectual property Office has already granted a design with three front-facing cameras submitted by Samsung intended to launch in 2020 as their new flagship model, a report by “Tiger Mobiles Website” says. Let’s try to find the answer by ourselves, though it may appear to be a wild guess, but quite reasonable and logical.

Nowadays, taking a selfie has become a phenomenon. Everyone likes shooting a selfie, at the party, at the club or whenever off to outings. That is why Samsung’s new effort to launch a new flagship handset with three front-facing cameras has attracted everyone’s interest. Installing three cameras for just selfie-shooting is not the intention of the Samsung, certainly, a question to be answered logically.

We can assume that one of the three cameras will be an ultra-wide-angle camera intended for selfie-shooting. Certainly, our guess is another camera, amid the remaining two, is intended for facial recognition, a cutting edge technology. Another thing that is worth to be mentioned is the 5x optical zoom that makes the upcoming galaxy S series mostly attractive.

So, no doubt, if all the rumors are true, Samsung is giving their hundred percent to introduce a game-changer smartphone with revolutionary features. Now, all we have to do is wait with our fingers crossed. Let’s See in 2020. What new features and prices added by Samsung for the upcoming smartphones Galaxy S11!