1. Basic acceptance and layout

The basic acceptance shall be carried out jointly with the owner unit, the supervision unit, and the civil construction unit. Check the base dimensions, centerline, datum elevation, geometry of the base hole, and the relative position of the foundation. All remaining formwork and reinforcement exposed to concrete must be removed and all debris and dirt removed.

2. release the ball mill baseline

The center standard board is laid on the basis of the ball mill machine. The reference elevation needs to be set according to the discharge port. According to the reference points and baseline provided by the civil works unit. The longitudinal centerline and the transmission of the stripper are checked, the center point is checked on the centerboard, and the corner method is checked.

Then, based on the size of the process map, draw the foundation of the milling and the horizontal centerline of the drive. When the height and level of a general steel base are measured by a level gauge, the upper plane height of the steel base is measured according to the base height of the foundation pier. The height deviation of the two steel bases shall not be greater than 1 mm, and the discharge port shall not be larger than the inlet end. After preliminary correction, the grouting was carried out without any errors.

3. the chassis installation of the ball mills

The ball mill chassis of FTM Machinery includes a front tile chassis, a rear tile chassis, a motor chassis, and a reducer chassis.

When installing the chassis, the chassis-level must be checked with a level gauge or level and steel ruler. When irregularities are found, a steel adjustment wedge is applied to the underside of the chassis to ensure level. At the same time, the width of these wedges should be between 50 and 60 mm. The length should be less than the length of the centerline of the chassis bolts of 10~50mm. The wedge should have a slope between 1:10 and 1:20. After straightening, the wedge is welded to prevent movement.

4bearing installation

(1) The chassis of the ball mill is on the mat. The level, height, and center position of the ball mill can be adjusted by means of spacers.

(2) Before installing the main bearing housing, the main bearing base should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the substrate can effectively contact the base.

(3) After the bearing is installed, the measuring instrument is used for measuring and compounding, and the distance between the bottom plate and the bearing base is controlled within 0.1 mm. At the same time, the cumulative length of the gap should not exceed 1/4 of the circumference of the measuring surface, and the width should not exceed 10 cm.

(4) When installing the intermediate shaft, pneumatic clutch, main motor, and other components, the surface stain must be wiped with gasoline or kerosene. The assembler should touch the surface with your hand to check if there is any burr. If it can be cleaned with sandpaper.

(5) For pinion gears, the coaxiality and inclination of the main motor should be less than 0.003mm and 0.001mm, respectively, and the inclination should be consistent with the inclination of the ball mill. The position of the rotor bearing can be adjusted according to the mounting error of the shaft.

(6) When installing the motor reducer, ensure that the lever of the reducer can flexibly pull the claw clutch after installation. The surface of the reducer should be lubricated to reduce friction between the machines.

Cylinder, end cover, ring gear installation

(1) The assembly of the cylinder, ring gear, and end cap shall be performed before the ball mill is mounted to the main bearing.

(2) Check and compound the cylinder to ensure that the diameter of the elliptical cylinder in the cylinder is less than 4% of the cylinder.It is also necessary to check the roughness and ovality of the cylinder.

(3)The cylinder head should be positioned through the bolt hole, then install 1/4 bolt, and the concentricity should be adjusted to 0.25mm.

 (4) After inspection, all bolts should be installed as required. After installation, check the gap with a 0.03mm antenna.

(5)If the gear ring is complete, the ring gear should be mounted on the cylinder and then mounted on the bearing.