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SEO or the search engine optimization has been a savior for every website ever designed and constructed, letting them cast their presence on the humongous arcade of the search engines. For those who do not know, the basic task of Search Engine Optimization is to improve its visibility on the search engine and let the algorithms find the specific keywords on it. It is not wrong to say that SEO is one ultimate way to make your website improve its business in terms of sales and revenue. 

For being the top SEO service provider in Noida, you need to update yourself with the changing patterns of the Google algorithms, learn the new tips and strategies into performing effective SEO services. Google changes its algorithms reading patterns very often and so you need to navigate all those changes into effective SEO services. Undertaking effective SEO services aid you in reaping immense benefits of your website right from the increased traffic that in turn will improve the conversion ratio and lead to more sales and revenue generation in the market.

The effective use of SEO for your business

Not only this but with digitalization and the customers preferring the online method of shopping, almost every business has or is in a process to launch their customer friendly website. Every business in the world wants to gather the right traffic on its website, a greater number of leads and increased sales incidences. The tips and methods that constructed the basis of an effective SEO before have completely changed now. Therefore, you need to pull up the latest and the most effective SEO tips and tricks for 2019 that will lead your business to develop better sales options. 

The SEO tips that are now playing a considerate role in the website ranking are based on the fact that people nowadays are using voice-based search, with a wide range of languages that depending on those being spoken in different countries. This is something that has already caught the attention of effective SEO strategies, involving the three new aspects of voice, video and vernacular searches. 

As an SEO practitioner, you need to be aware of the recent update of Google’s Rank brain that includes wide importance of the searches based on these three factors. This new form of SEO search has gained more importance than ever and that is why it has started affection the erstwhile followed methods and techniques for SEO. You need to understand the importance of voice, video and vernacular for websites and how they are connected with each other. 

Voice search patterns for 2019

It is easy for a visitor to say the words rather than type them on the search bar, a convenient and friendly method as well. It was not long before, when the CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai announced in 2015 than Google’s speech recognition error rate has been brought down to a small value of 8%. In 2018, it was found that the speech recognition error rate has been improved by 3%. The rapid improvement in this method of searching is because virtual assistance is invading homes in the world more than ever. 

Not only this, but even mobile phones are also upgraded with smart speakers, smart TVs, and smart homes so that all the connected devices can work together; by using voice commands. It is easy to call Alexa for anything rather than finding your system and inputting it. The use of voice commands for searches is a widespread phenomenon all around the world, with the biggest adoption rate coming from China at a whopping 64%. 

The strategies and tips for voice-based SEO for 2019

With so much importance of the voice-based searches, here are the tips that can help you to perform effective SEO: 

  •   Researching through keywords: the two things, typing, and asking are performed differently, and so the keywords change as well. 
  •   The content queries: there are certain golden rules that you should follow if you want to ace the voice search method. This includes, landmarks and business locations, the local institutions of importance, include more of ‘near me’ keywords and use of keywords that involve the finding of the neighborhood around them. 
  •   Being mobile friendly: most of the people use their smart speakers on the mobile phones for voice-based searches and so you need to optimize your website speed based on the voice search commands. 

Video search patterns for 2019

Unlike voice, video optimization depends on the fact that if there are videos on your website and you want them to be ranked at the top, and then you need to optimize them accordingly. 

The following are the tips and strategies for video-based SEO:

  •   Keyword research: it is an integral part of the SEO since most of the searches will come through YouTube suggestions to the users. You need to mold your keywords in a manner that it works as an effective SEO tool.
  •   Transcripts: you can add transcripts to your videos as well. It aids in enabling a wider audience to see your content and makes it easier for search algorithms to find you. 
  •   Through thumbnails: It aids in improving your Click-through-rate. Therefore, they need to be compelling and beautiful.

Vernacular search patterns for 2019

Now the internet is about not only the English listeners, but also Google can also be used to perform searches in other languages as well. If properly utilized, you can use this SEO tool for increasing your audience base and climbing up the ladder of search rank. 

 The following are the tips and strategies for vernacular-based SEO:

  • Use an in-country domain name: adding an in-country domain secures the manner in which search engines find you. 
  • Go for the right search engines: always remember, Google is not the only search engine people prefer, every country has their preferred search engine. So, if you are into the global business, optimize your page accordingly.
  • Go for the creation of in-country links: all you need to do is target the web directory of each country separately and see if you can make your business a highly specialized one. 


All the three aspects are used to improve the website ranking depending on the recent Google update as well. 

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