Brass Tube Plugs! Are They Good or Bad Over Other Plugs?

Brass Tube Plugs

Tapered brass tube plugs are not as simple as they seem. Even though used for a repair or outage, selecting the best one has become a growing necessity.

How Brass Tube Plugs Work?

Tube plugs, despite the type, are hammered or welded into the open section of pipes in boilers and heat exchangers. Technicians having the practiced eye plug the end of the pipe to either discontinue the flow of steam or coolant. But if the plug’s seal is loose, the coolant leach into the material and contaminate the process.

That’s why it is chief to consider a tube plugging that resists corrosion and is equally good on robustness and durability. A few factors are swinging back and forth that reveal the right fit for your leaked tubes.

Factors To Consider Before You Select A Particular Tube Plug

  1. Technically, tube plugs of any size and material are tapered, but they must fit without damaging the appearance of the existing pipe.
  2. Similarly, the material specifications for Tube Plugs can vary a lot. While some plugs are made out of carbon steel like 1018, other plugs need to match the existing pipe section (A350 with more carbon content) or stainless steel, nickel, or even different metals.
  3. A metal not withholding anti-corrosive properties can lead to pitting corrosion on existing materials in the system.

At HEPCO, we have adequate experience not only in manufacturing top-quality plugging systems but also in ensuring that these are installed right according to your application.

Although we are equipped with the most versatile range of heat exchanger tube plugs, our stainless steel and brass tube plugs steal the show.

Read on to enjoy some real-time information regarding brass tube plugs.

Why Are Brass Plugs Foremost In Heat Exchangers?

According to a general rule, brass tapered plugs for heat exchangers are widely used to seal the leakage in heat exchangers, condensers, boilers or coolers, etc. But brass Tapered Tube plugs are used most extensively in heat exchangers for repairing or fixing leaks.

As compared to other tapered plugs, brass involved plugs offer low-cost maintenance and are highly efficient in every possible way. As well, they offer the fastest way to fix leaks in heat exchangers. Having a

discrete collection of almost 1000 brass, tapered tubes can cater much to your outsized requirements. There are ideal for huge production capacity.

Plus they come in different materials like Alloy steel tapered plugs, stainless steel tapered plugs, titanium tapered plugs, alloy steel tapered plug, Inconel tapered plugs, Monel tapered plugs, tantalum, Hastelloy, copper and copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys tapered plugs, copper-nickel tapered plugs, and the list goes on.

Brass Tube


  1. As one utters “brass,” the next word “durable” comes out automatically. Clearly, this alloy of copper and zinc is more durable than any other tubing material. Currently, it used in both homes and for industrial plumbing because of its resilience and retaining power. If you’re looking for a tapered tube blog that supports heavy-duty use, choose brass. It lasts, lasts and lasts.
  2. Brass can withstand high temperatures. It shows excellent conductivity and flexibility in high temperatures. Besides, it is fire resistant.
  3. Brass offers much versatility for its prospective users. Get brass fittings in many shapes and sizes and finishes. It is best in assisting you with any plumbing job.
  4. With brass, shape or mold a fitting to make it excellently work in a tight spot. It gives you better leverage as it’s more malleable than steel or iron.
  5. Above all else, it’s an affordable alloy. If you’re living one of your rainy days, make brass work for any function. More importantly, it can be soldered to copper because it’s an alloy of copper.
  6. Brass strictly says “No” to corrosion. Brass is the metal that is highly resistant to corrosion, and it just won’t allow rusting. Hence, if you want to wear and tear, choose brass without a second thought.

Why Choose HEPCO In Hingham For Buying Brass Tube Plugs?

Our brass tube plugs are one-of-kind for your industrial or commercial use. We make them with a brass nut and bolt assembly and manufacture the collar and washers from a non-water-soluble hard plastic called “Hytrel.” Finally, the silicone parts are of vulcanized silicone rubber.

Brass tube plugs offered at HEPCO is either double size (two silicone parts) or a single size (one silicone part). The single plugs are often recommended for lower pressures, and the doubles are ideal for pressures up to 200 psi*.

We know the entire self-installing process of the tube plug could be little bewildering, so we provide you with a matching Pre-Set Torque Wrench Installation Kit to accompany your brass tube plugs. Now the installation will be much more convenient and hassle-free.


  • Will not fracture/distort tube or tube sheet
  • Corrosive resistance
  • Reusable
  • Perfect for coated surfaces


On the other hand, we feel proud to offer amazing specs such as:

  • High-quality brass – durability
  • Several sizes – versatile
  • Easily installed – simple to use 4. When installed properly, tapered Brass Tube Plugs can stay with your application for long years- peace of mind
  • We manufacture in sizes 7/8″-1 1/4″ sizes up to 200 psi – 5/8″-3/4″ doubles up to 150 psi prolonged use.

Do you have further questions regarding our brass tube plugs facts? Contact today one of HEPCO’s experts at 800-472-8484, or visit our FAQ section.