Jerseys are something the soccer lovers are passionate about and they really like buying soccer jerseys. All soccer fans look for soccer jerseys that are authentic, why would someone spend money on something that is not original or some replica jersey. There is also the first copy replica available for these jerseys. But is it important to spend money wisely, because there are many replica jerseys available in the market, so one has to be very careful to check the difference between authentic and replica soccer jerseys while choosing the jersey of their choice? 

What do you mean by Authentic Jersey?

Match jersey or Game jersey or On-field-jersey is also known as an authentic jersey. Authentic jersey refers to the jersey which is exactly the same as the original jersey. Original jerseys are the jerseys that the players wear on the field. The brand logo and the crest of the team would be exactly the same. 

So now it is very clear that we need to buy the jersey very carefully, we also need to know a few pointers. There are logically many differences between an original or authentic jersey and replica jerseys. Among all these differences, some of the differences are less obvious while some are huge differences between the authentic jersey and the replica one. Even if you are looking for a replica be very careful while you choose them. The major differences would help you choose the best authentic jersey for the team they are supporting. 

It is very obvious that different fans and players look for different facilities in the jersey of their choice. There are majorly 3 areas in which the difference is basically found among the original and replica jersey. These factors are the fabric, fit and the application of additional items. Here we can look for the other minute details about the authentic and replica jersey.    

Authentic Vs Replica Jersey

As discussed above we need to look into certain factors or parameters of the jersey which includes:

Fabric of Jerseys

The major factor of a jersey if the fabric of the jersey. A jersey can only be a jersey with the fabric that they use. A jersey is not a jersey without the polyester material. The manufacturers show and bring about a lot of differences but actually, the difference is actually major. 

What is the major difference between the fabric of Authentic jersey and Replica Jersey? 

Both the authentic jersey and the replica jersey is made of polyester material but the difference lies in the quality of the jersey. The fabric of the authentic jersey is stretchable, Breath-ability, it makes the jersey moveable when the body is in sweat. This authentic jersey keeps the player dry during matches. Replica jerseys are usually light-weight, breathable, but they do not have much ventilation or the jerseys are not much stretchable. 

Fit of Jerseys

The authentic jerseys constructed just that it remains tight to the body. It is so tight that it gives very little scope to the opponents to grab onto the player. Whereas the replica jerseys have some extra space near the shoulder and other parts of the body. The jersey is less tight it gives room for different body shapes and also relaxed and comfortable feel. 

Although for the fans there is room for a change as fans might not want a jersey that attaches to the body or has a very strong and tight-fitting. Often fans like the replica jersey because they find it comfortable to wear loose apparel which does not remain attached to the body. 

But genuinely fit wise, the best jersey is the one which is actually of perfect fit to the body of the player. 

Application of Jerseys

What does Application in a jersey is meant? Applications are the designs on the jersey. These are the additional designs on the jersey which is made to make the jersey look more attractive. But again these applications are the major point of differences between the authentic and replica jerseys. 

Their texture and the color tinge difference is very clearly visible in a replica jersey. The authentic jersey would have heat transferred crest and logo of the manufacturer whereas the replica jersey would have embroidered or stitched crest and logo. 

These are the major-major differences that are noticed in an authentic and replica jersey. Since football is liked by a huge number of people all across the world, hence these pointers must be kept in mind while buying the jersey. 

Buying Authentic Jersey – Online Vs Offline 

Online shopping has always worked like a drug for the shop-alcoholics. Shopping online is now the most liked facility to buy buyers and customers. But at the same time, some of the convenient facilities are not available online for example bargaining is an opportunity that is available in offline shopping. But there are also differences between the online and offline shopping, we will check those differences here. 

Convenience of Shopping

In online shopping, you have all the liberty to sit back at home do the shopping. You can simply lie on your bed at home and do the shopping. All you need to have is a good internet connection for online shopping. There are no limitations to online shopping, you can visit multiple sites and browse randomly to look for the exact thing that you are looking for. 

But the defect of online shopping is the delivery time because one needs to wait for a longer period of time after shopping. He/She will not be able to enjoy the shopping right away. They will have to wait for the item to be packed, shipped and delivered to the destination. 

In offline shopping, the amount of effort one has to put is far more than just sitting in front of your laptop or simply browse through your phone. In this kind of shopping, you need to put in a lot of resources such as the petrol in your car or of public transport, getting ready, also traveling time. 

But shopping also helps in some respect as you would get an opportunity to touch and feel your item instantly. If you find any defect in the jersey you can ask the shopkeeper to change right then and there. You will not have to wait to raise an issue about the defect and then get a pick-up date and then wait for the pickup boy and then wait for a refund. 

Technical Glitch During Shopping:

For online shopping, proper internet connection is very essential especially when you reach the payment gateway. If your internet is not stable then you might face problems during payment. Your money might get debited from your account but at the same time might not reach the vendor. 

This is a plus point during offline shopping, that the money or the payment is done hand in hand. There is no issue in the payment process of shopping. No technology is involved in this process. You can either pay with cash or with a Credit/Debit card instantly.

Here are all the information about the jersey and how to identify authentic or replica jersey. We have also discussed the online shopping and offline shopping. Online shopping has been statistically been more liked by buyers than offline shopping. We hope that this piece of article has helped all of our readers.