British Columbia

British Columbia Invites 413 Candidates

The province of British Columbia invited 413 candidates via the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). The October 29 draw issued invitations across 5 of the province’s immigration streams. 

There are different minimum requirements for various programs and immigration channels. The government set the minimum requirement for the skilled worker program at 93 points for the direct provincial stream. For the same program, the minimum requirement was 99 points for Express Entry.

British Columbia has an International Graduate (IG) program, as well. Those applying for Canadian immigration via the IG program required 100 points to qualify under the direct stream. Express Entry linked candidates needed 102 points to be eligible in this draw. 

For Entry Level and Semi-skilled workers, applicants needed a minimum of 77 points to qualify.

The statistics mentioned above clearly show that the Provincial government sets out a lower minimum requirement for its direct streams. Canadian Immigration aspirants should look into the Provincial Immigration Programs separately as well.

Before the October 29 draw, BPNP conducted another draw on October 22. In the previous draw, BC sent invitations to candidates from over 29 Information and Technology Occupations through the BC PNP Tech Pilot Program. 

British Columbia invited 62 candidates across 4 different provincial streams:

  1. Skilled Immigration-Skilled Worker
  2. Skilled Immigration-International Graduate
  3. Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker
  4. Express Entry BC – International Graduate

The minimum score requirement for the programs mentioned above was set at 90 points in the October 22 draw.

For a guaranteed invitation via BC PNP, the required scores are mentioned below:

  1. Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker: 135 points
  2. Express Entry BC – International Graduate: 105 points
  3. Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker: 135 points
  4. Skills Immigration – International Graduate: 105 points
  5. Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled: 95 points

Canada’s economic growth depends on highly skilled foreign workers. The province of British Columbia is no different. The Provincial Nomination Program was developed to attract foreign workers into the area to aid in its development. In return, the workers are provided with the incentive of Canadian citizenship.

About BC PNP:

There are multiple Provincial Immigration Programs available for Canada. However, the one for British Columbia is the most varied. It has two nominations streams: skilled immigration and Express Entry. These streams further diverge into subcategories of workers, graduates, and entrepreneurs. 

British Columbia manages its immigration system through the Skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS). Candidates are required to submit their profiles to SIRS. They are then awarded points out of 200 based on their educational qualifications, work experience, and language proficiency.

The Express Entry system links to SIRS. Profiles submitted in the EE pool are also evaluated using the SIRS score system. To be considered for BC PNP candidates must register an explicit Expression of Interest in the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program.

To enrich and widen its scope British Columbia also introduced a BC Technical Pilot Program. The initial launch of the scheme was in 2017 due to its success is now extended into 2020. It explicitly targets technologically skilled workers. Candidates from over 29 IT occupations are eligible under this program.

A job offer is a must for the Technical Pilot Program. Candidates must hold an offer of employment from one of the 29 target occupations listed under the scheme. The offer must be valid for 120 days at the time of application, and the minimum employment term is one year

To be eligible for some of the BC PNP programs, candidates are required to hold a job offer. However, a job offer is not necessary for some other programs. 

To find out more about the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program, visit Lalani Associates.

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