Calculate GPA before Taking Admission in College

Admission in College

Getting admitted in a reputed institution is the first step of building a professional career. As a student, if you get a good GPA, the path of making it to the top institutions is smoothened. On the other hand, if you are unable to score a high GPA, getting into a reputed college would obviously become a hard task. This is the reason why students at the high school level are advised to study hard and get a good GPA.

Reason for calculating GPA

A lot of students do not know that GPA is a key part of the selection criteria that academic institutions have. Once they start applying in colleges, they find out that a minimum GPA is needed to get admitted.

  • When you are applying in colleges, you have to go through a filtering process. Extract the colleges which match your subject needs. For instance, if you are interested in computer engineering, you would have to check the colleges offering a degree in it. Similarly, every college has GPA requirements for admitting students. For instance, one college may have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0. This obviously shows that only the best students would be considered because 3.0 is a high score.
  • Once you have selected colleges that are offering academic courses according to your preference, you need to keep a check on the GPA requirements. To compare your GPA with what the institution requires, you need to calculate your own GPA. Students usually start applying when they are giving the final exams of college.

Formula for GPA calculation

A lot of students do not have any idea about the GPA formula. It is not calculated by adding all the individual grade points and dividing by number of courses. Here is the formula you need to use to calculate GPA.

GPA = (credit hours of course 1 * GPA of Course 1) + (credit hours of course 2 * GPA of Course 2) / total credit hours

Consider that you have taken two courses, physics and computer science. The credit hours of both these courses are 4.  The GPA you score for each of them is 2.5 and 3.5 respectively. Thus, the GPA would be given as 

GPA = (4*2.5) + (4*2.5)/8

GPA = 2.5

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Courses with more credit hours have greater impact

At college or university, students study various course types including core courses and electives. These courses have different credit hours. For instance, some of them may have 3 credit hours per week while the others may have 4. Here, you need to understand an important principle. Courses with greater credit hours have a major positive or negative impact on the student performance.

  • Consider that you have taken two courses in one semester. One has 3 credit hours and the other has 4. If you get a good GPA in the course with 4 credit hours, your overall GPA would be good enough even if you do not perform well in the 3 credit hour course. Similarly, if you have a good GPA in the 3 credit hour course but do not perform well in the 4 credit hour course, the overall GPA would go down by a big margin. Thus, it can be said that the credit hours of the course carry importance. If you want to get an overall good GPA, make sure that you have scored well in the courses with more credit hours.

Colleges rank according to GPA requirements

With so many colleges and universities offering degree programs, it becomes a difficult task for students to make the correct selection. No one has the time to go through every college, look at the requirements and make selections.

  • The academic institution you study in has a major impact on how you perform professionally. How do you get a confirmation that you are selecting the correct college? This is where the GPA factor comes into play. Reputed institutions have high requirements in terms of GPA. This is simply because they want the best students to take admissions. As a student, checking the GPA requirements of an institution would give you an idea of how credible it is. The more competitive it is, the better would be its rank.
  • Low end colleges do not have the best students coming their way. As a result, they do not have high GPA requirements. This is simply because they have to complete the minimum admission count. After analysing your GPA, you should aim at getting an admission in the best possible institution according to that criterion.

Work hard for a better cumulative GPA

When you are studying in college or university, the GPA is dependent on all the courses that you study. It is not possible to get a 3.5 CGPA if you have not performed well in all the courses. All the courses carry importance. Hence, if you want to get an overall good GPA, it is important to score well in all semesters you take. Without scoring well in all the courses, it is not possible to acquire a good GPA at the end.


The right professional college can obviously take the professional life of students to new heights. On the other hand, if you pick the wrong college, your educational as well as professional career would face struggles. Scoring a high GPA is obviously an important factor. Several students apply in colleges and universities for professional degree programs. However, as there are limited seats, only students with the highest GPA are selected. This simply means that students should work hard to get a high GPA so that they can apply for the best universities without any problem.