Traveling is one of the greatest activities. Most of the people have adopted traveling as their hobby. Some of them have started visiting many countries and a few are planning to do so. Congrats, there are 5000+ international destinations which are available to you and 500+ airlines can be booked for the purpose. The international traveler goes to another country with different expectations. Basically, he/she wants to explore the newer destination. He wants to get the physical experiences of different customs, culture, traditions, multinational trends and other areas of interest. Once you adopt this hobby, there will be a lot of enjoyments for you. Knowledge and information will also be increased. People want to explore history, adventure, and natural beauty.

Pakistan is a gorgeous country which is located in South Asia. Indus Valley Civilization was living in the Indian subcontinent almost 3300 BC. Later, it was ruled by different kingdoms. Some were Hindus while others were Muslims. Various empires have ruled this South Asian region. Lastly, were the British who have given independence to Pakistan on 14 August 1947. Pakistan stands on the important crossroad of South Asia. China is developing Gwadar region. This area has been developed in a fast manner. The country of Pakistan is extremely beautiful in nature. Areas of North and Western places are included in them. Most of the local and foreign tourists like to approach Northern areas for the purpose of traveling and tourism. They do Airline Ticket Booking from Fare makers so that they could easily travel to the beautiful areas of Pakistan. Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad are one of the famous cities of Pakistan. They are also visited by international tourists. There is a greater benefit for the tourists that they have airports. Most of the people arrive through these international airports to these cities. The security situation has greatly improved. The current government of Pakistan is also trying its best for the arrival of its international tourists in Pakistan. Tourism in Pakistan is cheaper than that of Dubai or Ketchup. You can visit the whole of the country in just 15 days.

The cuisine of Pakistan is very popular nowadays. Many of the Pakistani dishes are already famous. You can experience numerous kind of food streets located in different regions of Pakistan. Very delicious meals are being prepared in them. They attract national and international visitors. You will also be eating international cuisine being made there. There are also many western and eastern restaurants which are located in different cities of Pakistan. Some of the food-eaters are very famous of western multinational brands which are situated in the posh areas. They include KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King and other kinds of international food chains. Pakistani people treat guests who come from other countries with great hospitality that they feel fresh and energetic. They are in full power while visiting the beautiful country of Pakistan. Visa policy of Pakistan is also very soft for the foreign nationals. Many of the foreigners can apply for the business visa. Nearly, residents of 96 countries can apply for the Pakistani visa. You can get full traveling and tourism services from Faremakers, Pakistan First Online Travel Company. You can also cheap flights for traveling to different cities of Pakistan which have airports.

Now, we will discuss the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Swat is a beautiful region which has been registered as the Switzerland of Pakistan. Mingora is the famous city of Swat. Many of the people approach Mingora. Swat River is the main attraction of the Swat River. There is a famous village which is located in the Swat district and its name is Ningdai. Kahul is another famous city which is also located in the Swat region.

Abbottabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir region. Tourists also like to spend some time there. Budget hotels are located there which provide services in most of the economical rates. Most of the tourists book this kind of hotels. There is a famous location in the region of Abbottabad which is popularly known as “Shimla Pahari”. You must trek this region. After going on the top of this place, you can view the whole city of Abbottabad. Many people like to take some pictures and make videos from the top of the place. It sounds attractive when natural beauty is added to this marvelous kind of scenery. You must hike different parts of this different place. The largest military academy is also known by the name of the Kakul therefore many of the students also spent in the time in this attractive natural place. Most of the people go from to Murree from the capital of Azad Kashmir. Abbottabad has the entire latest and modern infrastructure which is not less than that of Islamabad. Government of AJK has raised several constructive buildings so that more and more investors should have come in Pakistan on a business visa.

You can also come on a visitor visa on arrival. Wait for your turn and explore the marvelous moments of traveling in Pakistan. If you want to travel through different cities in Pakistan then you can definitely book Serene Air. It operates flights across the most famous cities in Pakistan.