If you are looking to create your own custom t shirts, screen printing is a perfect option. This versatile printing method is popular, easy, and produces amazing results. If you are looking to find some Cheap Blank T Shirts For Screen Printing, we can help you here at Clothing Authority. We carry hundreds of blank garments to meet all of your printing needs. We offer wholesale t shirt prices for customers looking to buy shirts in bulk.

So what exactly is screen printing? Silkscreen printing is a form of printing that has existed for around 1000 years. The process uses screens that have been blocked up everywhere but the desired print area. This is typically done by covering a framed screen in a photosensitive emulsion. You then print your desired design onto a clear plastic sheet, place it on the screen, and expose the emulsion to light. The emulsion will harden after being exposed to the light, except for in the protected areas covered by your stencil. You then wash these areas out and you have a finished screen. Squeegeeing ink across this screen will result in ink squeezing through the exposed areas only. You will need a screen for every color you intend to use in the final design.

To print you simply load a shirt onto your screen printing pallet, start with your white ink base layer, and then continue to add your colors. Making sure all of your screens are perfectly aligned is crucial to creating a crisp final image. Depending on how many colors your final image needs, you may need a multi-head printing press and heaters to dry layers between colors.

When it comes to choosing cheap blank t shirts for screen printing, there are a few factors to consider. Most garment printing will be done using 100% cotton t shirts. The cheapest options will be your standard preshrunk cotton shirt like a Gildan G200. For a little more per shirt, you can also upgrade to ringspun cotton options. The ring spinning process helps to refine the cotton fibers before they are made into cloth. The end result is a much softer and more comfortable garment. Any cotton shirt should be a perfect option for screen printing, as long as you have the appropriate supplies.

If you want to screen print of polyester garments, you might have to deal with some more issues. Polyester garments are typically used for outdoor and athletic events because they help to wick away sweat. When you print on these shirts, particularly with white ink, you might experience an effect known as dye migration. This occurs while shirts are drying. The ink heats up, becomes a gas, and resettles on the other side of the garment, discoloring the shirt. To combat this effect, you can use less ink, decrease your drying times, or try to dry them with a protective barrier like wax paper inside the shirt. If you are worried about possible migration issues, it’s always a good idea to run a few tests before you go into full-scale printing.

So if you are ready to buy some cheap blank t shirts for screen printing, we can help you find the perfect options here at Clothing Authority. With hundreds of options from dozens of industry leaders, you can always find a great deal on great shirts. If you want to place an order or learn more about our inventory, you can reach a member of our team at 888-929-5262.

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