For any retailer, having impressionable custom product boxes is essential for effective sales and branding. Without getting your packaging right, people would not feel interested in knowing what you are selling. Be it a gadget, makeup item or an accessory, product packaging needs to be attention-grabbing and purposeful. Many retailers think that it is not necessary to revamp their custom packaging regularly, this is a wrong notion. Even the top brands like Coke change their packaging layout on a regular basis. This intrigues the existing and potential buyers into checking out new packaging and the product subsequently. Here are the commonly made mistakes you need to avoid for your product boxes!

Repetitive Design for Custom Box Packaging

This is a recurrent mistake that many retailers make. If you are launching a new product collection, why stick to the old packaging artwork? It should be equally invigorating and unique as your product variety. If you are launching a summer product range, use a light color scheme that complements your collection. Make minor changes to the logo and other details. This would give potential shoppers the idea that you have introduced something new and different. They will feel inclined to check your brand out by having a glance at the custom bags being carried by other customers. So this can turn out to be your competitive advantage.

Using too Hip Box Style for Custom Packaging

It is always good to experiment with something trendy and inspiring. However, you need to keep in view your shoppers’ mindset while choosing a box style for product packaging. Do look out for a cool layout but make sure that it is user-friendly. If a customer would find the packaging a hassle to handle, he/she is likely to think about buying some similar product from another brand that is easy to carry and stock up. If for instance, you are selling clothing accessories, your custom packaging boxes should provide convenience to the buyers, they should be simple to handle. Don’t compromise on consumer convenience while making your packaging way too creative. 

Missing out Essential Details on Custom Printed Boxes

This one is a blunder, not a mistake. Your packaging should have all the vital information about using the product, care instructions and a best before date if any. Missing out on the details that a customer would require would tarnish your brand’s image. Be facilitating towards your consumers and provide product literature within the custom boxes. Get salient features printed on the top and back of the packaging box, so a buyer can have a detailed look before making a purchase. Having window custom box packaging is yet another way to assist the consumers with their buying decision.

Choosing a Non-Professional Printer

Choosing the wrong printing service provider can cost you losing customers and your brand’s repute. A poor quality custom packaging would not only affect the shelf life of your merchandise but also the trust of your consumers.

A dependable printing service provider is a blessing for a business. Always do your research on the available printing options, if you are getting the packaging printed for the first time. If you have a reliable printer, make sure to get a sample custom box with your preferred layout to check any misprint, stock and finishing errors.