Customizing Gable Boxes for Marketing your New Product


When launching a new product, one of the challenging endeavors is to come up with an engaging and unique packaging idea. There is a number of packaging boxes’ styles available in the market. You need to ensure that whichever style you choose must complement your brand’s concept and product’s features. One of the safest options that you can utilize for your new product is gable box packaging.

The ever-chic style of these boxes makes them a preferred product box solution. Moreover, you can use any stock like cardboard or kraft to customize them. Branding through these boxes is also effective and you can easily manage the shelf life of your merchandise through these boxes. Here are the tips that will help you in customizing gable boxes for your upcoming product launch and pitch!

Use Relevant Artwork on your Custom Gable Boxes

In order to make your custom gable boxes truly an emblem of your brand and product, use an artwork that defines your business. Use the branding colors of your product and brand to come up with something interest stirring. The design of your gable packaging boxes is the first thing, customers are likely to notice. So make sure you spend time and effort into coming up with something striking enough to grab instant attention. The design should also help in building your unique brand’s identity so consider all these elements while getting your artwork designed.

Highlight Product Features on Gable Packaging          

You would want your customers to have a detailed look at your new product. For this, you can make the packaging informative for them. Add all the essential details about your product on your gable box. For instance, details like what your product can do for a customer or what problem it solves. How it is better and different than the other products available in the market. List the price and other important information on your packaging box. Make the details inclusive enough that your customers don’t have to ask a salesperson about warranty, usage, benefits and other concerns.

Use Kraft Gable Boxes

With the increasing environmental concerns, more and more businesses are switching to kraft packaging. Having recyclable packaging boxes already strengthens your brand’s perception as a business that cares for its environment and customers. Another advantage of kraft packaging is its lightweight and earthly appeal. You can experiment with the brown kraft paper to create a dazzling artwork on it. There are so many appealing customizations available for design and finishing for these boxes that you can make use of. Any kind of product can be packaged and pitched using kraft boxes.

Add a Gift Card to your Packaging

One of the many ways to pique the interest of potential customers in your product is offering them an incentive. Attach a gift/discount card on your custom printed gable boxes. By doing so, customers would want to check out what you are offering and what they can get through the gift card.

Always check out the thickness and other features of your printing material before ordering the packaging boxes in bulk. Tell your printer to share detailed stock information with you, choose an option that matches your product’s weight and other features. If you are offering a delivery option, look out for a stock that is resilient enough to withstand transportation.