LED grow lights are the future of commercial, large scale indoor growing. The best LED grow lights have perform amazingly well, ensuring optimal growth of plants. Horticulturists consider growing under these lights because of their unique light spectrum, which offers several benefits. If you are among the many indoor gardening enthusiasts, then it is essential that you get a better understanding of the science behind LED grow lights. You should learn why they are worth your investment and choose the best options over conventional grow lights.

What is PAR Value?

In terms of the light bulbs, the measure of the brightness is usually in lumens. Although this is a good metric to measure white light, it will not give valid information for LED grow lights which target specific colors of the light spectrum. To accurately assess the growing capability of a LED light, the PAR value is needed, measured in PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density). The PPFD measures the photons that hit the surface of the leaf per meter squared per second.  While white light gives off higher lumens, it is less efficient and does not maximize PPFD.

As an example, the critical 660nm red color is vital to the plant’s flowering phase, even though it is a dull color with low lumens. Even though it is not bright, hence has a lower lumen value, the red portion of the light spectrum is one of the most important for photosynthesis and adds considerably to the PAR value, expressed in PPFD.

What is PPFD for LED Grow Lights?

Keep in mind that the PAR refers to the Photosynthetically Active Radiation, whose value determines the strength of the light. For plants, the PPFD measurement tells the total amount of photons that are hitting the leaf surface per meter square per second, whereas lumen

How Do LED Grow Lights Affect the Vegetative and Flowering Stages of Plants?

When it comes to LED grow lights, there’s so much buzz around their use as well as how good they are for the flowering and vegetative stages of plant growth. Most people wonder whether this is true or false. Top quality brands like Dorm Grow G8LED grow lights will outperform and grow very healthy plants. For the vegetative phase of the plant, you should ensure that you choose the best practices, including factors like avoiding overwatering or giving the plants excessive nutrients. Furthermore, consider factors such as providing the plants enough.

How Many Hours Per Day to Use LED Grow Lights

For optimal growth of plants, the required hours per day is about 16-18 hours during vegetative growth, and 12 hours per day during the flowering phase. During the vegetative growth stage, the lights mimic the summer days. It is during this phase the plants reap the most benefits of the LEDs. You will be able to save much more on the power bills and have better-growing results at the same time. After 8-10 weeks of vegetative growth, it is time to induce flowering in the plants. The light cycle is changed to 12 hours per day for the flowering phase. Adding a Flower Booster light and increasing the light intensity during the critical flowering phase will promote bigger yields and better flowering. By using the best LED grow lights, you will be able to have better control over the grow area, control the environment, and ensure better growth of plants.

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