Elbow has a complex structure consisting of various bones, tendons, ligaments, joints. Sometimes an injury to one of these components can lead to severe problems. Elbow is one of the most prone areas of injuries in the body. Sometimes, injuries can reduce the motion of the hand and can also affect your ability to perform tasks. Different health conditions or other underlying health conditions can also cause pain.

In human elbow contains three bones, these bones are known as radius, ulna, and humorous. These bones also help in providing strength to forearms. Cartilage can also absorb the shock in the elbow joint. Pain in the elbow can also occur due to nerve disturbance or damage. In some conditions, the brutal impact can also damage the pain.

Pain in the elbow can become serious if they remain untreated. If this remains untreated for a longer time, it can cause permanent difficulties and pain.

Causes of elbow pain

As described above, elbow pain can occur due to various problems.

  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprain
  • Tennis
  • Trapped elbow
  • Dislocation elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • These above are the conditions that can cause pain in the elbow. The intensity of the pain depends on the cause and the area of damage. The impact of force is different in every case.

Common Injuries

There are various injuries that are more common than others.

Trapped nerves

Trapped nerves occur due to the trauma or impact with other objects. Due to this trauma or impact, your nerves may become pressed. This pressing of nerves continuously sends a signal to the brain. As a result, the victim experiences pain.

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is one of the major causes of elbow pain. There is nothing related to tennis. In this condition, the individuals experience pain around and outside the elbow. This condition usually occurs due to overuse or overstretching of muscles. Sometime, the patient might feel pain in the forearm too. In short, tennis elbow is all about stretching of muscles and tendons in the elbow joint.


Bursitis is a condition that affects the joints. Bursae are a sack of fluids in the joints that act as cushions between the bones and tendons. You can also say that they remove friction between the tendons and bones. Overuse, injury, and in some conditions, gout or arthritis can cause bursitis. Tennis elbow is also a type of bursitis.

Broken arm

Sometimes, fracture of the parts of arm bones, such as ulna, radius, or humerus, can cause pain in the elbow area.

Risk Factors

There are two major risk factors for elbow pain. Overuse or too much stress in a specific angle can cause pain in the elbow. Elbow pain is common in people who excessively overuse their elbow. Some professions, such as carpenter, painter, or labor, are more at risk of elbow pain and injuries. Injuries to the elbow in an accident can also cause severe problems. The other main cause of elbow pain is a disease, usually known as arthritis. Arthritis is a bone or joint disease in which bones become weaker. Along with arthritis, many other infections can also cause pain near the elbow area.


Mild to moderate pain can be treated at home. As you know, rest is the first step in treatment. You can also use the RICE method to treat pain at home.

  • Rest –Resting will stop the further damage of the elbow.
  • Ice – Applying ice will reduce the pain and swelling in the affected area.
  • Compression – You can use compression bandages to press the elbow area to reduce the pain and inflammation.
  • Elevation – Elevation will reduce the excess flow to the elbow.

If this home treatment doesn’t work for you, you can use medication. You can also buy Tramadol tablets online to treat the pain in the elbow area. This medication produces calming effects and relaxes the muscles.

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