Nothing can match the fascination for gold jewellery among Indian women. The lustre and shine make the metal superior to the rest. Gold does not occur abundantly in nature. Perhaps, this is why gold jewellery is so expensive.

Jewellery products are luxury articles and not necessity. Why would a buyer purchase one if he/she doesn’t find anything unique in it? Thus, goldsmiths constantly improvise and upgrade new designs.

The latest gold jewellery designs in necklaces, earrings, watches, bangles, pendants, mangalsutras, and armlets are set to dazzle you.

New designs in a gold necklace:

Different outfits have different jewellery needs. There is an array of new necklace designs to choose from.

Choker style necklace: 

Choker style necklaces are in fashion these days. They are minimal yet elegant. Set to go with any ethnic outfit, they come with matching earring to go with it. These neckpieces come with an adjustable thread to alter the length.

Gulbandh with an element of colour: 

Also known as princess necklace, they rest a little below the collarbones. Gulbandhs are somewhat on the flamboyant side. New designs have ruby or emerald studded in the pivotal portion to give it a beautiful pop of colour in the dominance of golden.

Bib necklace in gold: 

As the name itself suggests, it is shaped like a baby’s bib. A part of it stays adhered to the upper neck while a section hangs from it. A bib necklace is worn mostly as a statement piece. It pairs up perfectly with a bridal lehenga or an off-shoulder dress.

Collar necklace with floral patterns: 

Collar necklaces have always been trendy. The focal part, rather the pendant rests elegantly in between the collar bones. Floral patterns are a vogue not just in clothes these days. Collar necklaces now come in floral designs, sometimes with petals and leaf patterns too.

Matinee necklace with 3 chains of beads: 

It is a necklace of comparatively longer length. Matinee necklaces are designed in 2 or 3 layers of beads, conjoined with a locket in between.

New designs in gold bangles or kangans: 

Bangles can impart to your attire the touch of elegance and completeness.

Stone embedded peacock bangles: 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of a peacock and its vibrant and colourful feathers (mayurpankh). Gold bangles have peacock engraved with stones in the combination of green, blue and red. The stones give a pop of colour to the jewellery.

Kappu style bangles: 

A South Indian design of bangle, the 2 arms entwine into a clasp that bears an animal (mostly, lion) or a bird (mostly, peacock) figure. These bangles can glam up any ethnic outfit. Kappu bangles come with an adjustable clutch.

Diamond studded gold uncut bangles: 

These bangles are of medium width and come in numerous designs and patterns. It is a bangle type that is not limited to an age or outfit. These types of bangles are subtle, yet stylish

Along with checking the hallmark indication, you must also check out the latest gold jewellery designs while purchasing one.


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