Khakis or chinos? Jeans or suit trousers? Joggers or sweatpants? Such huge numbers of various kinds of pants. Pick an inappropriate one and you’ll resemble a pirate-ish clown from one of those kid’s or Halloween movie. That will look so mismatched.  Pick the right ones and see for yourself how cool and savvy you look. But, before that, you must know the different styles of trousers and pants and when they are suitable to wear. 

Here are the 7 basic men’s trousers styles that every man must have in his closet:

1.  Cargo Pants

Cargo pants were initially made for the military during the 1930s, cargo pants are rough cotton pants with varied huge pockets generally to hold different stuff. 

These are loose, easygoing yet look super smart. These come in different light and khaki or olive shades. Pair it with a nice shirt or puffer vest and Chelsea boots to pull it off effortlessly.

2. Pajama Pants

Pajama pants are like drawstring trousers, aside from its material. Pajama pants can be paired with endless options and are comfortable to carry yet can be transformed modern.

These men’s pajama pants come in different brighter colours, funky patterns, and fabrics like cotton, linen, synthetic materials, flannel wool and other material with surfaces for insulation. 

3. Sweatpants and Joggers

Sweatpants are truly one of the oldest types of pants. They have an exceptionally free fit with a versatile or drawstring waistline and probably pockets. 

Joggers are a cutting edge take on sweatpants, with a similar versatile or drawstring waist, and regularly zippered pockets to keep possessions safe. The great contrast is in the fit – joggers fit a lot nearer to the legs and give you a streamlined smart look. 

4. Chinosand Khakis

We often use Chinos and Khakis interchangeably but there is a slight difference. Khakis are cotton twill pants. ‘khaki’ means dust, thus comes in shades of mud and light browns. 

Chinos are a variant of khakis made in China, that’s where it got its name from. Chinos have hidden stitching, unlike Khakis. These are ideal for both formal and informal wear. Chinos come in a wider range of colours and have flat fronts. Chinos are designed with a slimmer cut and look smarter than jeans. Pair with a dress shirt, navy blazer and loafers to look super smart.

5. Jeans

We have immense love for jeans since they’re so friendly – you can dress them up or down – and they’re moderately mediocre. These are made from cotton and available all across the world. 

Every guy must have at least a pair of two or three jeans in his closet without any rips or tears. If you want any ripped or distressed jeans, that depends upon your taste.

6. Odd Trousers And Suit Pants

Odd trousers can be worn with a sports coat, blazer, or even only a dress shirt or a casual button-down shirt. If you are looking for a pair of comfortable and supportive men loose fit boxers online, checkout Bigben.

Suit pants are worn with matching jacket of the same material. Must have at least two pairs of suit pants. Odd trousers and suit pants are great for formal wear. While odd trousers can be managed well casually too.

7. Flannel Trousers

Possibly the most underestimated and rarely used types of pants out there are the flannel trousers. These are a great choice for matching any type of sports jackets and coats. These trousers come in plain and patterns.

Their rested surface separates them from ordinary dress pants made from cool wool. Every man should have at least a pair of light grey flannel trousers and jet black flannels. Shop men undergarments online and Bigben will not disappoint you.

These are ideal for all year around.