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Jaipur, with its flamboyant aura, has the power to woo the heart of every traveler. No matter what you seek for your vacation – Jaipur with all its glory can satisfy your holiday preferences. The colorful bazaars, chaotic streets, royal palaces, stunning topography, welcoming locals, and the soothing sound of folklore – all of this blend together to entertain, relax, and wow everyone who steps foot in this exotic land. In the center of cacophony and mayhem, the majestic past of spectacular Jaipur evokes a feeling of calm, peace, and tranquility. An endless array of forts, palaces, shopping areas, and urban neighborhoods await your arrival. It presents an authentic blend of the old and modern Jaipur. Go ahead and create your treasure trove of happy memories here. 

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The Admirable Jal Mahal 

The exotic architectural blend of Rajput and Mughal characteristics is displayed at one of the most remarkable palaces in Jaipur – Jal Mahal. The fort is no less than a jewel that is cozily nestled amidst the majestic Nahargarh hills. The royal family used this as a resort for summer seasons where they engaged in shooting ducks. 

The Grandeur Of Nahargarh 

The fort came into existence in 1734. This sturdy fort overlooks the beautiful Jaipur city. This fort gets its name from the dead prince – Nahar Singh, whose restless spirit disrupted the construction. Everything that was built during the day turned into dust by night. The only solution was to name the fort after the prince, as he suggested. You will be amazed by the glorious views that this place has in store. 

The Impressive City Palace 

A complex of buildings, gardens, and courtyards – the iconic City Palace is located amidst the Old City’s center. Though Jai Singh II built the outer wall, the interiors of the palace have been adapted and enlarged over the centuries. You will come across palace buildings that date back to different eras, some of which are also a part of the 20th century. The striking blend of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture will blow you away. 

The Tourist Attraction Amer Fort 

An iconic attraction in Jaipur is perched on top of a hill – Amer. This palace is an exotic blend of beautiful Mughal and Rajput architecture which is spread across 4 sq.km. It is so stunning in its appeal and charisma that even intruders didn’t have the heart to destroy it.

The Cultural Experience Of Choki Dhani 

A trip to Rajasthan will seem futile if you fail to have an authentic Choki Dhani experience. Be it captivating ambiance or the electrifying puppet show, Rajasthani folk performances, magic show, elephant rides, camel rides, or simply tasting the delicacies of this land – there is so much for you to cherish here. The open-air restaurant dishes out unbelievably delectable food that imbibes the taste of authentic Rajasthani food. Choki Dhani Jaipur tour will help you break free from the hustle-bustle of city life and rejoice about the rustic rural life. 

The Distinctive Tourist Spot – Hawa Mahal 

The remarkable lavishness of this landmark with its pink-painted, honeycombed windows stand tall to five stories. Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh built it in the year 1799, where the ladies of the royal families watched processions and everyday life of the city. The top of Hawa Mahal offers incredible views of the bazaar, City Mahal, and Jantar Mantar. 

The Wild and Untamed World Of Ranthambore National Park 

Do you wish to be a part of nature and witness the magnificent creatures that reside in it? The Ranthambore National Park will offer you the opportunity to be amidst a plethora of wild animals, beautiful birds, and interesting fauna spread across the land. Though it was once used as a hunting ground by Jaipur’s maharajas. From spotting sloth bears to checking out the fascinating tigers or hiking up the fort of Ranthambore – you have endless options. 

The Otherworldly Experience Offered By Elefantastic 

A couple of minutes away from the popular Amber Fort is the first elephant farm of Jaipur – Elefantastic. Visitors can be a part of feeding, washing, decorating, and riding them. You will have the opportunity to learn their language and communicate with them. Being located at the edge of Jaipur city, travelers get the opportunity to escape from the monotonous life of the city. 

The list of things to do and visit in Jaipur is too exciting to miss out on. Check out all of these places and more on your upcoming trip to Jaipur. Don’t forget to be a part of Jaipur City Tour with Elephant Ride


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