Handbags – A Woman’s Best Friend


For women, walking out of the house without a bag is just as dreadful as imagining a world without handbags. Today, along with being a basic necessity, handbags are also a fashion accessory that women can’t do without. Handbags come in many styles and shapes and sizes, making it easy for the women of today to pick something for themselves in accordance with their outfits, moods, special occasions, etc. 

Handbags are probably the most useful accessory of them all. You can carry your essentials such as keys, phone, and wallet. You can use slightly bigger bags if you also want to carry other stuff like a book, and make-up products. If you need a bag for your workplace where you need to carry a tablet and/or a laptop, there are many stylish handbag options available. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and shop. 

The different types of handbags

There are a plethora of handbags out there for you to select from. Different types serve different purposes. If you are looking for something that can carry a lot of stuff, you can opt for tote bags and shopper bags. These bags are usually big in size and are able to fit in most of your stuff. If you are a university student, this bag is almost perfect for you. It’s fashionable, you can easily wear it on your shoulders, and you can carry essentials like notebooks and textbooks, among other things. You can also go for totes and shoppers if you’re going shopping at the mall, and don’t wish to carry all the shopping bags in your hands. Since these bags are big in size, they draw a lot of attention. Therefore, you have to make sure that the bag you pick blends with the outfit you’re wearing. If you don’t want to wear them on your shoulder, you can hold them in your hand or wear them around your wrist. 

Hobo bags are another fashionable option if you’re looking to make a fashion statement. Its shape is a little different than average shoulder handbags; there’s a slouch which makes it appear very bohemian and hipster. These bags are also very spacious which makes them all the more useful. 

For special night outs, women mostly prefer clutches. Clutches are very compact, but you can fit everything you need when you’re going out for a formal event, or on a date. It can fit in your keys, money, phone, and maybe a lipstick that you would require for a touch-up. Some clutches come with fancy chain straps which you can hang around your wrist very easily. Depending on how you wish to don it, you can either hold it in your hands or let it hang around your wrist.

Crossbody, or sling bags, are probably the most comfortable bag of the lot. With their shoulder strap, you can easily wear them across your body diagonally and can move around freely. Crossbody bags will also keep your hands free and will give you plenty of room to breathe and do other stuff. They’re also hard to steal because of how they’re securely wrapped around your body. Some sling bags are compact and can fit only your basic belongings, but there are some bags, also known as shoulder bags, which are big enough to fit books and tablets. 

Satchel handbags for women are somewhat of a blessing. Some of them come in a size where you can also fit in a laptop. The buckles on these bags help them emit a sophisticated vibe. These bags are perfect for university students, and also for professional women who like to keep it simple and refined. The best thing about satchel bags is that they often come with a shoulder strap so if you want, you can just wear them across your body and not deal with the hassle of carrying it around in your hands. 

If you want to go for something quirky and stylish, bucket bags are increasingly becoming popular. They are perfect vacation bags. You can even carry them to picnics. These bags can easily fit whatever you need for a day out, and since they’re not very common, they will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. 

You can easily browse and buy handbags online, and take care of your basic, as well as fashion needs.