Tips on Taking Care of Designer Handbags


It’s a different feeling altogether when you hold a branded and luxurious handbag for the very first time. The warmth, the quality, the fragrance and the feel of the fabric enhances this experience even more.

Bags with constant use can lead to damages like worn-out corners and damaged exteriors, but if you take really good care of them they can go a long way. So here are some tips to enhance the durability of bags

Know your material used for manufacturing bag

Suede based handbags

These bags are usually subtle and easily fade due to the sunlight so you should avoid bringing it into contact with water or any kind of oil. If you want to clean them, use toothbrush or paper towel or even eraser, you can easily get rid of marks like that.

Patent leather

If the bag is made of patent leather rather than traditional ones, they are more durable but they can easily transfer colour so all you have to do is keep the bag covered in the dust bag or pillowcase which will help retain the colour and avoid the bleeding of colour to another surface. To remove marks you can use petroleum jelly but it’s not always that helpful.

If you own a designer satchel handbag, handling them is easy. All you have to do remove the stain as soon as possible. You can even use moisturizer and apply conditioner once in a while. To store, you can use bubble wrap.

Use cosmetic pouch

If you put your cosmetics anywhere in your bag, they can easily get spilled, which can, in turn, ruin your bag. These bags come with smaller compartments which are meant for keeping these products but instead of that cosmetics pouches can be used that will avoid damaging your bag, and will also organize it.

Store it well

Ensure that you always keep the bag wrapped in a good fabric to avoid any sort of damage like colour transfer, any change in shape, or corner damage. The fabric bag should be breathable and dust-free.

Always keep your bag in an upright position, always cover accessories with tissues, it will avoid scratching the material while wrapping up.

Avoid water

Leather is a delicate material; do not mix water and leather because they don’t mix well. Don’t let your leather bag get drenched in rain or come in contact with any other source of water. Instead of wiping, just let it dry naturally.

Rotate bags

When you use the same handbag for a long time they get easily and quickly damaged like corners can easily get ripped off. So instead of using one, keep flipping and use another bag side by side. In this way, all bags get used, and you can avoid damaging the material as well.

Rotating among bags minimizes tear and other damages to the bag.


Your bag is prone to stains which mostly can be removed with a wet cloth. If not, then you can use rubbing alcohol, leather polish, and moisturizer to clean the leather bag. Always try to wipe a stain as soon as you notice it. 


While buying a bag always check whether or not it has a metal plate. These plates ensure durability and avoid shape change or damage to the bag.

How to take care of colour

Usually, bright colours fade faster, so store the bags in a secure closet to avoid sunlight exposure. You need to be extra careful while handling and cleaning the bag. The colour can spill onto another surface if exposed to excessive water.

Ornamentation on bags

Any accessory attached to bags can get easily damaged. They can get stuck to any external object. When storing these bags, always wrap crystals, any danglers or key chains in tissues to avoid any unnecessary scratching.

Bags need a lot of care and attention; they need frequent cleaning and wiping, internally as well as externally. Using a leather conditioner is also a good option since they help in retaining the colour and shine of the bag. It also helps in avoiding cracks.