Football, also known as soccer, is the most popular sport in the world. People worldwide play and watch this game. It is also one of the oldest sports. In Europe and South America, it is the dominant sport. Almost all countries have their professional league tournaments.

Football is a simple game. There are two teams of eleven players on the field. The objective is to put the ball in the opposition net. It is a ninety-minute game, and the players must be physically fit and healthy to play it.

Let us see how to learn about playing football.

Know about the positions

It is essential to know about the positions and see which one suits you. A goalkeeper stands in front of the goal. He protects the ball from going in the goal. In front of the keeper are the defenders. Their main job is to stop the opposition from making attacks and scoring goals.

In front of the defense is the midfield. There are usually three to four midfielders who do both the attacking and defending work. They typically work to win the ball and pass it onto the forward players. The forwards, also known as attackers, play in the front of the field. They work with each other and try to score a goal in the opposition net.

Know about throw-ins

When the ball goes outside the touchline, a throw-in is taken. The team which makes the last touch loses the ball, and the other side takes the throw-in. It is essential to take it correctly. If you take it in the wrong manner, you will lose the ball.

You need to make sure both feet are on the ground while releasing the ball. Both hands should hold the ball. Bring the ball from behind the head and throw it into the field of play. Dragging of the foot is fine, but you cannot lift your feet jump while throwing the ball.

Know about corners and goal kick

There is a significant difference between a corner and a goal-kick. When the last touch is off the defending team, and the ball crosses the goal-line, a corner kick is taken by the attack. A corner flag is at the end of the goal-line on both sides. You need to kick the ball into the penalty area.

If the last touch is of the attacking side, a goal kick is given by the referee. You need to place the ball inside the penalty box. A goalkeeper can take the kick. An outfield player is also eligible to take a goal-kick. The ball needs to go out of the penalty area for play to resume.

Practice your dribbling skills

Dribbling is the skill by which you keep the ball at your feet and control it while running. It is a necessary and vital skill for footballers. You will need to dribble to keep the ball and not let the other team take it away. It is challenging to dribble while running fast. Only practice will help you with it.

You need to take small touches so that you do not lose the ball. You should begin by dribbling with the inside of your foot. It is also vital to dribble at different speeds. In the game, you will need to run fast with the ball as well as keep it with you without pacing.

Brush up your passing skills

Passing is arguably an essential skill in football. It is a team game. No one can win a football match alone. You should practice on making short, precise passes as well as long passes. You should know how to give a ground pass and a high pass.

It is crucial to understand when to keep the ball with you and when to pass it to your teammate. Ethical decision-making will go a long way toward improving your game. Start with making necessary passes and gradually work on the different kinds of pass attempts.

Work on your shooting skills

If you are an attacking player, you will not be successful if you cannot shoot the ball. There are various ways you can shoot the ball. You can use the toes, laces of your boot, side of your foot, etc. to shoot the ball. Shooting is the basic thing you need to score a goal.

 There are various ways you can shoot the ball. You can use the toes, laces of your boot, side of your foot, etc. to shoot the ball. You need to decide according to your position and distance from the goal. In practice, it is better to master the regular shoot first. Then you can move onto other unique shooting methods.

You can practice shooting the football in a ground. Like you need a netball stand to practice shooting basketball, you need a goal to shoot football. Therefore, it is best to practice shooting in a football ground.

Always listen to the coach

A good football player always respects his coach and listens to him. No one can be successful without a good coach. If you do not listen to a coach’s orders, you will not develop into a good player. A coach makes the tactics and plans for a team to succeed.

Understand the coach and play according to him. It will help in building up your confidence and team spirit. Without a coach, a team can make the wrong decisions. Therefore, always respect and obey the coach.


Hard work and consistency are vital if you want to become a top football player. Know about the rules and regulations before playing. In the above article, we read about how to learn playing football. Work according to these tips, and you will surely have a successful football career.

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