How To Operate JCB Correctly?

How To Operate JCB Correctly

The primary task of a JCB is to dig, which it excels at. Add robust moving and material lifting capabilities, as well as various attachments for additional abilities and you, have an unbeatable and versatile machine that can significantly simplify your tasks. 

While the opportunities for productivity are outstanding, you can increase it by purchasing parts after considering Jcb 3Dx Parts Price. For utilizing a JCB up to its maximum capacity, you should follow the tips mentioned below.

Routine maintenance 

Whenever you are going to use the machine, you must conduct maintenance check to make sure your JCB is ready to go, even if it involves checking it daily. You can attach a maintenance chart list on the machine to simplify your task and never miss a day of analyzing it. Your checklist can include – 

  • Check for inadequately inflated or flat tires 
  • Check for anything that seems to be broken 
  • Check all the fluids like fuel, oil, coolant, DEF, and hydraulic fluid 
  • Check wear parts and replace them when required 
  • Grease the necessary areas, which are usually the ones that are used the most
  • Clear off debris, dust, and mud from the moving parts

You should also check the engine regularly but make sure you check it when it cools down completely. The engine needs special attention regularly because your JCB draws power from it.

Debris and dust generally collect in JCB’s cooling system and fuel condenses in fuel tanks. You should check air filters and also replace them when they become damaged or cannot be cleaned. If your work involves going to dusty areas more, change the air filters every 4 or 6 months. 

Apart from fluid levels, you should also check if any of the fluid is contaminated. In case it is, discard the dirty fuel rightly. If you do not suspect anything, you can continue refilling the fluids.

Provide training

Whether the use is a new employee or someone who has been in the company for 10 years. The first step of operating JCB properly is the right training. For best results, drivers, owners, technicians, and all of the people who work with JCB should be educated about the machine.

You can organize a workshop where you show videos about operating JCB, give manuals, and teach everyone about different controls to enhance their knowledge. 

The operator and their helper should be aware of all the parts of JCB and know how to operate them. Also, they should be able to decipher when a part becomes loose or is underperforming. If the part is not performing well, it should be replaced. However, the part should be bought only from a trusted manufacturer and be of top-notch quality. 

Safety checks 

Safety should be your ultimate priority. This ensures a proper workplace environment for the employees as well as increases productivity. Before performing digging, the site must be pre-inspected.

All the underground obstructions should be marked and noted, communicated to other team members. If the area is not operated, you can damage underground utility lines. Additional safety tips are – 

  • The operator should not leave their seat if JCB is running
  • The operator should honk before moving JCB to alert others 
  • Make sure the boom is locked, swing lock is fixed in place before you drive the machine
  • No one should go under JCB while it is running.
  • When you have to shut off the machine, make sure it is parked on the stable surface, the bucker and loader are lowered, and press the parking brake.

Safety is important to ensure the well-being of your employees as well as others present on the site. Since JCB’s bucket and loader are used a lot, special attention should be paid to them. As a safety measure, they should be regularly cleaned, inspected for loose bolts or damaged parts, and greased. 

Another safety measure would be to warm-up and cool-down the machine timely. If your JCB has worked hard, let it rest and cool down. Similarly, if your JCB has been standing without much use, it should be warmed up for some time before you drive it. This will provide hydraulic fluid a chance to warm up and circulate, preventing any hiccups during operation. 

You should also refrain from overloading the bucket. Many operators tend to overfill because they believe doing so would decrease the time and effort while doing the job. But if you overload, you are putting a lot of pressure on the bucket and the machine may break down. Doing so can even result in spillage of the material. If any of the two happens, you will end up wasting a significant amount of time.


It is necessary to be safe while operating such a huge machine. If the machine breaks down, it may remain unusable for a long time. This is why routine checking and proper usage of the JCB is crucial. 

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