Doha is the capital of Qatar city. Most of the people like to spend a weekend there. Qatar is a small country but is approached by tourists from all over the world. Doha is a famous stopover of Qatar Airways. Many of the international passengers who go on different destinations on this famous airline on the weekends have to stay at Doha. It gives you reasons to visit Doha and there are also second chances for the people who come to Doha. Most of the time, you are free on the weekends so it increases the chances of seeing more tourist attraction sites. These are two chances of exploring Doha. Many of the time, you have to stay 12 hours in the hotel but you will become quite bored if you stay in the hotels and do not explore outside destinations. It is the best chance that you get to explore these destinations.

Let’s explore those destinations which you will visit on the weekend in Doha.

The Museum Of Islamic Art In Doha

Many of the tourists who search for Lahore To Doha Ticket Price go to the Museum of the Islamic Art. Higher manpower was used in the construction of this museum. It is located near the old coast. On one side of the coast the museum is located and on the other side tallest skyscrapers are located. The views of the museum look great at night from the coast. Most of the people come to see this beautiful scenery.

Inside the museum, there is a very collection of Islamic artifacts and it is a very huge collection. People like to see these artifacts and for the purpose of seeing them, visitors from far away locations especially come to see this museum which has a heritage of Islamic art. Some of the items are specially displayed so that the visitors could come and see old artifacts. There have been great views of the museums and also its architecture has been built in a special way so that the visitors could come and praise up the constructional efforts.

It you have completed the tour of the museum then you can go to the tour of old harbor. There are also dhow boats located in the harbor which give us an old feeling of staying life in Qatar. Many of the fishermen also live there. They regularly go to fishing and you can watch them by standing there at the natural harbor. You can also do the walk along the Doha corniche. You also get the chance of talking with them and learning about different fishing styles from them.

Discover The Souq Waqif In Doha

There are different markets in Doha and most of the people like to head over to the Souq Waqif in 5 minutes and there are different streets of narrow alleys. There are lots of items in the markets and you can also buy the spices from the market. Many of them look like they are city markets. Spices are available from them. There are many great chances in the case of the markets that you can buy many of the delicious items are provided on the stalls. There are also cafes located there and most of the people like to buy drinks from them. Most of the people like to buy a souvenir from the markets. If you like to buy souvenir then Souq Waqif is a great place for the purchasing. The first price which is given by the shopkeeper is usually very high and you have to bargain a lot for having an ideal price of the souvenir. You can buy any drink from the market and then watch the people in the market. You can see the bargaining of the traders and the buyers in the market.

Shopping In Doha

The harbor of Doha is the very long one and you can take a taxi for traveling across the harbor. If you have stamina and walk then it is better for you that you must walk across the harbor. You can easily do shopping from shopping malls. Everyone has his or her own preference. You might ask different people about their preferences. There is a famous mall in the Doha which is Villaggio Mall and it is one of the best malls in Doha. It is the preference of many modern buyers. Most of the families approach these malls and several of them like to do shopping from these malls. The eateries and cuisines are local as well as international. Some of the people prefer eating local cuisines while it is the choice of others to eat international cuisine. It depends upon the personal choices of everyone.