You can maximize QuickBooks Desktop by customizing the data you store associated with your customers, vendors, workers, and things by mistreatment the custom fields. this text can facilitate you to use QuickBooks Desktop Custom Fields. you’ll be able to conjointly connect with the grasp QuickBooks Support to urge a lot of data concerning mistreatment the custom fields within the QuickBooks software system.

Using these custom fields have numerous advantages and may be useful for you to anṇd your business:

  • Custom fields give you the choice to feature explicit data to your client, vendor, and worker list.

  • You can add and manage further knowledge concerning things.

  • You can embrace the customized data in your forms and reports

How To produce Custom Name Field?

  • Go to the client Center, vender Center, or worker Center.

  • Open the client Center by going into clients > Customer Center to open them.

  • For the seller Center, head to Vendors, then vender Center.

  • For the Worker Center, head to workers > worker Center.

  • Double-tap on the name on that you wish to create modifications within the list.

  • Go to the extra data tab and choose the outline Fields

For each field you wish to add:

  • Provide the name you that you just wish to use within the Label

Note: Enter a reputation that isn’t used earlier in any field.

You will see the new fields on the extra data tab.

List Limitations in custom fields:

  • The QuickBooks Pro/Premier users get fifteen custom fields. However, you’ll be able to use solely seven fields per class. Up to seven custom fields are added to your client & Job list, Vendors list, or worker list. If you are trying to overlap the spheres then the field count for that specific class can count as one. for instance, if you apply the identical field to any or all four lists, still five fields are added to every list.

  • There are thirty custom lists within the Enterprise Solutions and you’ll be able to add up to twelve client fields per class.

  • The limit for the multi-choice list is thirty characters per line and you’ll be able to accommodate up to one hundred choices.

  • If you’re mistreatment associate degree existing report filter as a custom field you may be able to see each the reports beneath the Filters tab

How To produce Custom Item Fields?

  • Navigate to the Lists > Item List.

  • Double-tap on any of item obtainable within the list.

  • Go to the Edit Item window and click on on the Custom Fields

  • Click on outline Fields

  • Under the founded Custom Fields for things window:

  • Mention the name of the custom field beneath the Label column

  • Click on the utilization

Note: Use a reputation that isn’t utilized in any of the lists for every custom field.

  • Repeat the identical steps for every custom item field.

  • Click on alright to shut the founded Custom Fields for things window.

  • Click on

How To Add The customized Field To Forms?

  • Open the shape sort that you just wish to customize

  • Go to the data format

  • Click on customize knowledge Layout. head to the extra Customization window and:

  • From the Header section, find the label.

  • Click on the tickbox of the extra field that you just wish to insert.

  • Click on OK so as to shut the window.

  • Tap on alright to shut the extra Customization window.


  • You also have the choice to feature any or all of the new fields to the sales and buy forms. you’ll be able to conjointly get data from an item’s record to transfer mechanically to a type. For this, you would like to feature the sphere to the shape.

  • While customizing type templates, the custom fields show beneath the Header tab and things custom fields seems within the Columns tab.

  • To know a lot of concerning inserting knowledge from customized in your reports, visit Use and customize type templates for a lot of data.

QuickBooks Technical Support

The provided steps can permit you to use the customized field in QuickBooks Desktop. If in any case, you’re powerless to use or add customized fields in QuickBooks Desktop then you’ll be able to get connected with the technical support department of grasp. you only have to dial the fee QuickBooks Online Support sign to urge instant support for Quick