Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

There is much buzz about the specifications of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central solutions and here is a detailed discussion about the same:

What is Microsoft Dynamics Business Central?

Microsoft has been manufacturing business solution programs from long. Organizations and enterprises are used to using their tools to manage their business on a digital level. Dynamics Business Central is a line of programs introduced by Microsoft that helps its users with more than just accounting software. But the catch being, the business center is a part of another big platform under which the company has integrated CRM and ERP. Business Central is basically the one-stop solution to all business management issues for small to medium scale businesses.

What are the solutions offered by Microsoft Business Central?

  1. Finance management: one can get an end-to-end view of the business by accessing accounting, sales, inventory, customer interaction, and purchase, with the help of Business Central solutions. With built-in power BI dashboards, one can chart their finances with the utmost efficiency. Business central also helps with closing and reporting of the finances including the streamlining of receivables and payables.
  2. Automation and security of supply chain: Microsoft Business Central Australia comes with a built-in technology that detects and suggests the aspects of your business that needs to be replenished. It also automatically collects information about the stock levels, lead times and recorder points. This helps to reduce shortages and ignore lost sales. At the same time Business, Central solutions help to keep up the profitability.
  • Help with sales and customer service: customers are the most important contributors to the success of any business and the best way to assure their satisfaction to keep track of customer interactions. With Business Central solutions, one can do the same and get guidance on up-sell, cross-sell, renewal opportunities, etc. The program arms a company or an organization to effectively deliver exceptional services. 
  1. Time and budget management: Microsoft Business Central Australia is equipped with timesheets with reporting and advanced job costing capabilities. This makes the management and tracking of projects, under progress, efficient and convenient. With the help of Business Central solutions, one can achieve precision in planning costs, orders, and quotes. This effectively helps with the budget. It also enables one to analyze project management.
  2. Optimization of operations: with Microsoft Business Australia solutions, one can efficiently manage the forecasting of a company. Thorough knowledge of stock-outs and forecasts helps to generate production plans and create purchase orders. It also helps to optimize the output levels to improve production schedules and meet customer demands.

With all these efficient features, Microsoft Business central provides its users and customers with the best operational experience. There are furthermore specifications that the implementation partners will assist with, at the time of purchase.


Microsoft has introduced a line of business solution programs. Previously these were available as CRM and ERP solutions separately which have now been integrated and the edition dealing with medium to small scale businesses are called Business central.