IVF is not a painful treatment for all women. There are some women who might experience cramps and abdominal pressure during the various phases of IVF treatment. The couples tend to experience various side effects at some point during the IVF process which includes discomfort. The fertility experts at Select IVF India will give acetaminophen to relieve pain and to deal with discomfort. Also, Dr. Nalini Gupta suggests the women lie down and rest if you are having cramps.

What are the stages where women experience pain?

The three major stages where a woman can experience some pain these are:

a)    Ovarian Stimulation:There are most of the patients who experienced discomfort or pain during ovarian stimulation where women need to take stimulation medication in the form of shots to regulate her fertility hormones which help her in producing more healthy and mature eggs in the ovaries. To provide you relief from pain your fertility expert will give you acetaminophen and also apply heat/cold packs in the affected area.

b)    Egg Retrieval:Egg retrieval is the stage where most of the women get nervous as this is a stage where the eggs will develop and extract from women ovaries using a hollow needle. During egg retrieval, Dr. Nalini Gupta will insert an ultrasound probe into the vaginal canal. The ultrasound probe has been attached to the needle, which aspirates the fluid and egg follicles from the women ovaries.

When you are in egg retrieval room, your fertility experts at Select IVF India will administer IV medication which helps you to sleep, however, you will not be completed in an unconscious state, but you will not remember what happened during the procedure.

Because of the type of anesthesia that has been used during the treatment, you will not feel any pain during the egg retrieval procedure. However, some of the women may experience abdominal cramping after a day or two of the procedure.

c)    Embryo Transfer:The embryo transfer is the stage where any healthy embryos that developed are placed in the women uterus. Embryo transfer is not that painful as egg retrieval procedure. It is similar to a vaginal ultrasound appointment.

Embryo transfer is a stage where your skilled embryologist will transfer one or more embryos into the women uterus using ultrasound guidance and implant the embryo using a catheter. This entire procedure you can see on an ultrasound screen and this process are not at all a painful one. However, there are some patients who had taken an oral sedative prior to the transfer to relax their cervix. In such cases, patients may experience some abdominal cramping after a day or two of the treatment.


The entire procedure says that with regards to physical pain all will left out after nine months when you see your baby in your arms. At that time there is nothing so touchy to hold your baby and then you feel no pain. The only thing you remember is your baby who is the most precious gift of your life.

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