More than 130,000 students from all over the world apply to Canadian universities because of the high-quality education system there and the teaching system as well. Canada has got vast cultural heritance and is also rich in the possibilities and chances. There are different research publications and the international level collaborations which are all the parts of the aspects in Canada and base behind its focus on the universities in canada.

Most of the times the students make it a misconception that student visa to Canada is a tough deal to get but that’s really not the case because once you have decided that where you want to study, the first thing you need to do is to apply for the visa of that specific country. So the first thing which is needed to be done by you is to apply for the visa and know how difficult it could be to get that visa. Following are the main steps to get you a visa for Canadian education:

Select a university and get the acceptance letter

The first and the most important thing which you have to do is to decide the university which you want to take admission in. once you have decided, apply and get the acceptance letter from that certain university. Once you have got the letter, you can then apply for the visa. For this purpose, you need to be logical in your decision making and that could be done only when you have shortlisted a number of universities. There are some top universities of Canada which you can consider and those include Wilfrid University, Brock University, and Seneca College.  There are different study portals which have been made to facilitate the students in their admission issues and they could be connected for applying in any university.

Conditions to get a student visa in Canada

There are some of the situations and conditions in which a person who wants to study in canada doesn’t need himself to get a Canadian student visa and those situations are as follows:

  1. If you are a staff or the family member of someone foreigner in Canada who has also been accredited by the foreign affairs department of Canada then you won’t need a student visa until you have that reference?
  2. You want to get enrolled in the program which has the duration of fewer than 6 months.
  3. You won’t need a student visa for Canada if you are a part of the foreign armed forces.
  4. If you are the citizen of any other country but you have got the Indian status which has got its registration in Canada.

However, there would be the requirement of an ETA for you to fly to Canada.

Begin your application for a student visa to Canada

Right after you have got the acceptance letter from the certain university then this would be the time for you to move forward to the next step in which you would have to apply for the student visa and this visa is also known to be a student permit.

Following mentioned are some of the key steps which are needed to be followed by the admission applicant to get a student visa:

  1. First of all, an online application is needed to be submitted to obtain the student visa which is basically on the immigration and the citizenship website and this is to be done before your arrival to Canada.
  2. For most of the applicants, they have no internet facility in their countries and this is why they have the option to apply on paper.
  3. When you have got the acceptance letter, provide that letter to the authorities.
  4. Make sure that you deliver the proof of having sufficient financial resources which are enough for you to provide support to your studies in Canada including the living expenses and tuition fees.
  5. You must not be having any criminal records.
  6. Submit your medical and clinical records which show that you are in the right state of your health.

Having a family member working or living in Canada is enough to provide you support in getting a visa to Canada. If you still confused you can get our free Canada Visa Consultancy,