Landlord Gas Safety Certificate London is the paperwork which guarantees you that all the gas appliances and equipment in your home or commercial property working properly. Its is an inspection process in which gas appliances are checked thoroughly to check the uncertainties. The document will affirm that the gas safety checks, and there is not any risk of damage expected. The inspection gets carried out by a licensed gas engineer.

As you get to know about the gas safety check, you might not have an idea about the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate London cost. The gas certificate can cost you around £30 and more with a single gas meter. With two appliances, the safety check can cost around £60, and the prices will keep increasing according to the number of appliances. Therefore, the cost solely based on the number of appliances you need the certificate for. The gas appliances include your stove, oven, cooker, boiler, hob, and fireplace.

Who needs a gas safety certificate?

The gas safety certificate is essential for everyone who is carrying some property. The certificate is essential for the landlord, who usually rents out their property. It can also be beneficial for mortgage holders who manage different properties. For everyone living in a home, gas safety certificate is essential to guarantee that their home is free of any fire or gas risks.

Therefore, you don’t need to be a specific person to get a gas safety certificate. All you need is to ensure the safety of the place you are living in by getting a gas safety certificate.

When should a person get landlord gas safety certificate London?

A person needs to get their gas safety certificate by the gas engineer every year. The safety check will ensure that the gas appliances flues and gas pipes are all working properly and are safe to use. Moreover, you can ensure that your tenant, family, or everyone at home is safe. You can ensure that there will be no poisoning of carbon monoxide. Therefore, getting a gas safety check every year will help you a lot from gas dangers. Moreover, you don’t need to get into the gas safety check at the arrival of nee tenants. The one-time inspection in a year is enough.

What should a landlord do?

There are a lot of responsibilities on the landlords’ shoulder. The landlord should make sure that an annual gas safety check has been performed. One of the main duty of the landlord is to provide the gas safety certificate t with the tenants before moving to the house or within one month of the moving. In this way, both parties can ensure safety.

Moreover, don’t forget to have copies of the gas safety certificate. The certificate will help you in the future for the new tenants.

Responsibilities’ of tenants

The tenant must inform the landlord about all the issues. The tenant should immediately inform the landlord if there are any damages in property or any gas appliances by him so that he can check. Moreover, the tenants make sure that there no uncertain thing is happening like gas leakage or anything regarding gas.

Compliance to gas safety guidelines is necessary

Showing noncompliance towards the gas safety certificate is an offence according to the safety law. If you don’t get your gas safety check, the court can charge you custodial sentences and a lot of fines. Therefore, if you want to get rid of fines and criminal offences. Make sure to get the gas safety check every year to save everyone in your property.


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