A Memorable Walk in Old

Are you fond of walking? I guess everybody is. We like to amble. We love to stroll. We all like walking with our near and dear ones when we are free and we do not have to meet the targets or do any kind of work. We do not want to be in a hurry of any kind and want to spend some time while having easy fun. It is very necessary to have such special moments in everyday life. But it is practically not possible because we are engaged in our work. So, when we went on the golden triangle India tour package, we had a lot of fun because we had a memorable walk in Old Delhi.

Old Delhi

Old Delhi is the city of the part of the city that was used by the people first and therefore it is called the old Delhi. Old Delhi will give you the street pleasure and it will also tell you that true cultural heritage of Delhi. There were no big malls or big buildings. It was completely made up of small shops and those were full of the quality of products that we had never seen earlier. There were so many factors that attracted us towards Old Delhi before we decided to choose the spot for walking.

Street Food

The best thing about old Delhi is its street food. You will be able to get the authentic taste of Chaat, and all other items that Delhi is famous for. You will get the traditional chola kulcha and most of the Other Punjabi dishes. All these dishes are cooked in genuine Herbs and Spices and therefore the taste of these dishes is delicious. You will also get the latest charm of Chinese dishes like veg manchurian, veg fried rice, honey chilli potato, quick noodles, spring rolls, stir fried tofu with rice, vegetable manchow soup, etc. and South Indian dishes like masala vada, masala dosa, appam, puttu, pesarattu, rasam rice, pazham pori etc. This initiative has been taken by some of the shopkeepers because they understand that sometimes people may go for their preferences only or they may not like the taste of Delhi. It was awesome on golden triangle tours india.

Unique Shopping 

The shopping in old Delhi was superb. It was unique. You will be able to find the designs made by the people who are local over there. You will find a variety of designs because Delhi is known for all the communities. However, Punjabi culture dominates the entire Delhi because of the most population. But you will surely find the traces of all the cultures of India as the capital of India represents unity in diversity.

Discounted Rates

The charges taken by the shopkeepers in old Delhi were very less. It will not be wrong to say the charges were far lesser than anyone could expect. We had a lot of shopping and then we regret it that we must have brought the car to keep all the articles there we bought while walking in Old Delhi. The rates were extremely reasonable and all of us bought so many things.

Amazing Quality

You might be thinking that if the shopkeepers in Old Delhi took so less amount, they might have offered moderate quality. Let me tell you the quality was superb and it was not so that the quality had to be compromised because of low prices. The quality was amazing and we all are very happy with the products that we bought from Old Delhi. We enjoyed ourselves a lot while doing the shopping and eating in between. We all will ever be able to forget the holiday of golden triangle tour packages India.

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