Hairs are the vital part of a human’s personality, be it men or women. When it comes to hair grooming and care, men usually take a back seat by thinking that it is a women’s department. They decide a cool hairstyle as per the trends and afterward follow the same old routine for the entire year.

Sounds familiar? Well, if your story is similar to this then, it is time to re-evaluate your hair grooming routine. Just because your hairs are shorter in length as compared to women doesn’t mean that they don’t need any special attention. 

Men who don’t focus on the grooming of their hairs at a young age often end up taking hair loss treatment in later years of life. So, you should give proper time, attention and care to your hairs to make them strong and more attractive. 

Here are the best hair-grooming tips that every man should follow:

Don’t Over Wash your Hair:

Showering daily is a good habit. But, washing your hairs on a daily basis isn’t good for the health of your hairs. Surprising, isn’t it? Well, there is a valid reason behind this. Every type of shampoo contains some elements that remove the natural oils from your hair. Devoid of these oils, your hair becomes dry and frizzy, and your scalp starts itching.

You should wash your hair only once or twice a week. Although, the amount of oil produced is different in every person. Still, people who even have oily hairs should not wash them more than twice per week. In addition, you should use a conditioner every time after shampooing your hairs. Also, avoid using shampoo twice in one bath.

Handle your Hair Gently:

Men often handle their hair in a rough and tough manner. Being gentle while performing an act of self-grooming is quite difficult for them. You should follow a gentle approach while handling your hair. 

Wet hairs are too fragile which means they need special care. Rubbing or combing them too hard can lead to breakage. So, give your hair special care when they are wet.

Try Egg Wash:

When it comes to the health of your hair, don’t be over-dependent on artificial products. Some natural remedies like egg wash are very important for reviving natural shine of hairs. The egg is the rich source of protein, and it is good for both men and women.  

It works as a conditioner for your hair so, do egg wash once or twice in a month. People with greasy hair should use the egg white for conditioning, while people having dry hair should try egg yolk. Massage it just like you do with shampoo on your scalp and wash off with cool water.

Go for Matte Products if Thinning:

The texture and formation of hair vary from person to person. Some men have thick hair, while others have comparatively thin hair. Sometimes age also affects hair thickness and hairs thin out as people enter into their thirties or forties. In such condition, you should change your hair styling products.

Matte styling products and clays enhance the volume of your hair and make them look thicker. They do so by absorbing the light that falls on your hair. So, go for matte products if you have thin hair.

Save your Hair from Chlorine: 

Chlorine is the real enemy of your hair as it strips all the natural oils from them. Usually, your hair comes in its contact when you go to a swimming pool. The water of these pools contains a considerable amount of chlorine which can ruin your hair. Obviously, you can’t avoid those pool parties in such hot weather.

Worry not; we got a solution for this one too. You can either wear a swimming cap or wet your hair with normal water and apply a layer of conditioner before entering the pool. This layer will work as a barrier between your hair and the chlorine water. 

Avoid Using Too Many Chemicals: 

Nowadays, there is no dearth of hair grooming and styling products in the market. If you get easily lured by T.V. ads of such hair products then, you should know that over usage of these products can be harmful to your hair. Every product contains some amount of chemicals and using too many of them can damage your hair instead of saving them.

Chemicals will make your hair dull by taking away their natural shine. Your hair will become rough, dry and brittle. Also, try to avoid processes that require the usage of chemicals such as hair colouring, straightening and perming. Continuously going for such treatments will damage your hair beyond any repair. So, be natural as much as you can.

Save your Hair from Artificial Heat: 

Too much artificial heat is also bad for your hair. People have become much dependent on machines like a hair dryer and hair straightener. These heating products will make your hair dry, frizzy and brittle in the long run. Let your hair dry naturally without the use of a hair dryer.

If you have urgency and can’t go out with wet hair then, use your dryer on a low heat setting. In addition, avoid showering with too hot water as it can also damage your hair. 

Focus on Regular Trimming:

Trimming is a very important aspect of hair grooming. Your hair looks untidy when you don’t trim them regularly. They become uneven as some hair strands grow faster than others. So, go for trimming in every one or one and half month depending upon the rate of your growth. 

Try to visit the salon in the morning as the hair stylist can focus more when there are fewer clients. He will be most fresh and enthusiastic in the morning due to which he can provide specialised attention. 

So, take care of your hair before they abandon your scalp. If you are facing severe hair loss then, go for hair loss treatment at some hair or skin specialist.


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