SEO is a fundamental aspect of building a strong online presence and visibility. Every company tries its level best to create the most effective SEO strategy for their business. People also take help from the internet to employ recent SEO tactics.

However, nobody can apply those methods and get a higher rank without understanding the core of SEO. Every business is unique so; one should comprehend SEO and modify the tricks as per their distinct business needs. 

We will be discussing the 10 most important SEO tips that will help you in understanding major parts of SEO. You can definitely get the desirable Google rank; once you will decipher these SEO tips. 

  1. Remove the Elements that Slow Down your Website:

According to Google, site speed is one of the most important ranking factors. Having a slow website in today’s time is equal to getting out of the ranking competition. Users abandon slow sites, and Google bots push them backward in the ranking. 

So, boost the speed of your website by substituting everything that is hindering its speed. If you own a WordPress site then, remove the non-essential plugins. De-clutter your site’s menu and also compress the size of heavy media files. Many SEO experts in London and other big cities can analyze and boost your website’s speed effectively. 

  1. Curate Content for Humans First, not for Bots:

Some writers and marketers often drift away from their real purpose while creating content. Instead of focusing on the users, they write for getting higher ranks. But, this practice is wrong. Bots also give importance to pages that create user-friendly content. 

So, search engines should always be your second priority when you write. Try to curate content which users would love to read and stay away from over usage of keywords that can ruin the beauty of the content. Impress the readers first, and you will surely get a higher rank.

  1. Link to Other Authentic Websites:

Many companies hesitate from adding the links of other good websites on their pages as this practice could navigate people on those sites from theirs. But, it is a good SEO practice because adding links of authentic sites in your content would present you as a reliable source too. 

You can notify these websites about their links which you are adding so; that they could also link back to you if they find your content worthy of it. They could also promote your content as it contains their link. 

  1. Get Regular Feedback from Web Analytics:

You should keep a regular check on each interaction between users and your site. You can determine which tactic is working and which isn’t by doing so. There are many web analytics software solutions such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and tools like CrazyEgg that can show every activity happening on your site.

You should set up these tools at the time of starting your website to know how many people are clicking on your website, how many are going away. 

  1. Add Meaningful URLs:

URLs that are long and meaningless confuse the users as well as search engines. Ensure that you add meaningful and precise URLs on your website. You should use only 2-5 words to create an effective URL. Use the words from the content title that can give a clear idea to people about the topic. 

Remember a few things while creating URL:

  • Avoid using capital letters in URLs.
  • Use hyphens instead of underscores because Google can’t read underscores.
  • Don’t use numbers in URLs.

  1. Create Suitable and Unique Meta Description for Each Page:

The Meta description is the first piece of content that users see when Google displays your website in SERP. So, it’s the very initial pitch that you could present to your prospective clients. Usually, websites add the same Meta description to similar pages. You should avoid doing that.

Create a distinct and relevant Meta description to each page by adding the main keywords. The users and bots can easily understand your page in this way.

  1. Utilize Social Media to Build Momentum:

Using social media properly can highly affect your search engine ranking. It is a proven fact that a website can get much more traffic when people share its content over social media. However, many companies often neglect its importance but, you shouldn’t be one of them. 

Use these techniques to get benefits from social media:

  • Curate share-worthy content.
  • Add easily visible share buttons in posts.
  • Encourage people to share your posts.
  • Host effective social media contests to get attention.

  1. Publish Interesting Content Consistently: 

Consistency is essential in every task we do. Same goes with SEO. You have to publish regular posts and contents on your website to get noticed by users and bots. But, it doesn’t mean that you will churn out thousands of words daily without caring about creativity. 

Your content should have something worth reading to hold the attention of your readers. Posting meaningless or plagiarised content would only decrease its level of authenticity. So, focus on both aspects. You can find many SEO experts in London for this task.

  1. Use Accurate Keywords with Images:

Google has dedicated a whole separate section to images and that alone justify the importance of images for search engines. People use keywords to search for images so; every image of your website should contain relevant keywords in the caption.

Missing out the keywords would be harmful to your ranking. It will make your website less user-friendly. 

  1.  Research your Competitors: 

You should always observe what others are doing in your industry specifically your competitors. Search your potential keywords to find out others that are using the same. By observing their website and ranking, you can learn many things. 

You can know about the things that you should add and the things which you could do better than them. 

So, follow these necessary tips to get the Google rank which you actually deserve! 



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