Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Review

Not every shoe meant to get along with everything you do all day. There are specific shoes for all kind of work even there are separate shoes for practicing and performing parkour.

The difficult part here is that depending upon the streets you run around or jumping over the roof you need the perfect shoes that can hold you while landing.

Keeping yourself from being injured and getting the best standard shoes for practicing parkour and hard training, you need the best shoes that can assist you all along.

Keeping in mind the comfort, cushion, toes and flexibility, the best product that we came across is Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 and giving you a detailed overview of how they are the best Parkour shoes.

onitsuka tiger wide feet

Favorite onitsuka tiger for wide feet

Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Unisex Ultimate 81 Fiery Red Sneaker
Onitsuka Tiger Unisex Ultimate 81 Shoes 1183A012
Onitsuka Tiger California 78 EX Unisex Running Shoes


At first, Onitsuka 81 was designed to be as a sneaker but after adding the value to shoes they have made their point also as parkour shoes. The upper layer is gray in color with four dark gray wave looks better when you practice parkour. The same goes for black color with a combination of white wavy layer and red color combination with dark red.

The outer surface of the shoe is gray while the inner side is red with jeans like clothing. The cushion and overall shoe material are made in a way that they give a feeling of breathing. The toe is highly inclined at the front then the heal and gives you a nice grip over the sol for better control over the movements.

Each shoe is weighted up to 311 grams which are easy for lifting up and didn’t give you the look of heaviness. The shoe is designed for parkour hence there is no space for wider foot people but they focused on narrowing sides as you have a big and wide feet then you might look for other shoes that can be useful.


With both hard and soft stuff that makes Onitsuka 81 more comfortable in practicing parkour, their comfortability is up to standard. The fitting over the foot is just like you wearing a sock and the reason behind is the focused-on narrowness instead of widening the shoes.

The lifted toes and the fixed and tough grip over the sol gives a pretty good idea of their comfortability when you give it a glance. Though they are not made for a wider foot in the narrow foot they are not a single complaint about comfortability that can highlight.


Looking at the aspects of Flexibility of Onitsuka 81, the design is made to fit for narrow feet people and they fit like socks on the foot. The sole grip is perfect for contact with the floor and the toe grip overlapped over things that you came in contact with.

The material is breathable and the cushion is spongy with giving the softness you want. The sole is not so soft that roll them over but the toe is flexible and can be rolled over.


The grip of the sol is continuous and in one piece but the grip under toe is inclined, a little upper than the rest. The grip is not made of plastic but the performance that they give is outstanding.

Sliding over with the grip and flexible over every surface, perfect wear outs for parkour practice. Slipping over the surface is nullable and the circular dot on the grip gives you the maximum touch to the surface and increases friction for better control.


The overall performance of the shoe is outstanding as they fit most for those who liked parkour, jumping around the streets and running. The toes and sol grip have the best functionality of providing you the best practice you need.

The material of the Onitsuka 81 is breathable and cushion inside the shoes gives you the maximum comfort while doing parkour.


Overall the shoe is the best pick for practicing parkour and the purpose of the detail’s description is to give an overview considering some aspects of the parkour shoes for the purpose of parkour. There are plenty of other shoes that can do well in parkour but Onitsuka is our top pick for parkour shoes.