Pregnancy Symptoms That Could Appear Even Before A Positive Pregnancy Test

No news is confirmed till you very it with facts. But there are some early symptoms of getting pregnant bringing about a smile on your face. For even the most resilient people a couple of weeks of waiting can prove to be a difficult task. So what are the first early symptoms of pregnancy even before you take a test?

Sensitive nipples

Women face a sensitive feeling in their nipples due to increase of hormone levels. In early stage of pregnancy breasts are expected to gain more fat with milk ducts increasing in size. The nipples are expected to become a lot darker but this is bound to occur in the first couple of weeks.

Implantation bleeding

The moment cell balls plants itself on to the wall of the uterus, some women go on to face light bleeding. Described as spotting this is not something which every woman will end up experiencing. Sometimes it could be mistaken as a cause of early period, but there is nothing to be worried about.


This could be difficult as it suggests that your period is well on its way out.  Some women experience a slight cramping in the first few weeks of conception. This could be due to various reasons such as uterus expanding, implantation bleeding etc.

Extreme tiredness

Some women complain that they have felt sleep even while sitting down. In case if you have gone on to have less late nights then nothing to worry. In spite of being well rested if you still feel tired it means that the pregnancy is on its way.


This is not going to a symptom along with morning sickness. Some women experience nausea in the early part of pregnancy with a pain in their stomach or in the most extreme of cases it can be vomiting. This condition tends to worsen with an empty stomach, so when you wake up from bed feast in on a few empty crackers before stepping out.

Bathroom visits at night

During the early stage of pregnancy the unborn baby is going to put pressure on the abdomen, which paves for an urge to pee more. But no way are you going to be aware that this is an early symptom of pregnancy as well.  From the start of conception, the body is going to work overtime to accommodate the tiny baby.


Hormone levels are bound to slow down your bowel movements as it becomes a problem for pregnant woman as more hormones are produced. In case if you are consuming pre conception table with iron this is going to add up to the problem. To combat this issue increase your water intake.

Mood swings

Some women face mood swings when they are pregnant. Once again you have to blame the changing hormone levels for this reason. Though for some women these symptoms may seem to be a normal situation.

To conclude these are some of the early symptoms of pregnancy.