Beverage business gets the upper hand in the summer season when people resort to cold beverages in order to feel refreshed. Every beverage company wants to take full advantage of this scorching heat and try to highlight their products, especially during this season. 

Ranging from product packaging to online promotions, these companies focus on every possible tactic to lure people. Yes, the packaging is also an important aspect of highlighting any product. After all, it is the first visible thing that a buyer notices when he sees a product. So, beverage business owners can attract more people with appealing packaging design. 

Considering the significance of packaging, we are going to discuss 9 amazing takeaway packaging designs for the beverage business. Ensure your beverage is packed in one of these trending ways if you wish to see it in a spotlight! 

  1. Vivid Colours:

Consumers are bored with the same primary colors and similar color combinations now. They want to see something different, and this is totally understood by beverage businesses. So, companies are choosing vivid and vibrant colors. 

You can easily see beverage bottles showcasing bright flat colors or different gradients in the market. Every year the famous designing company Pantone select the color of the year and this time it is coral. It means that most of the companies will experiment with a vivid color palette in package designing this year.

  1. 3D Designs:

Companies are also playing with the shape of the bottle that contains their beverages. Not only in the beverage industry but, also in beauty and cosmetics, innovatively styled bottles are substituting the standard bottles. 

One example of this packaging design is Aqua Rose which is the bottled rose water. This cosmetic product comes under a beautifully designed bottle in which the bottle curves are used to create rose petals. In this way, they connected the 3D design to convey the idea of the inner product. Such tricks are also used by beverage manufacturers. 

  1. Mysterious and Unique Designs: 

Mostly juice and beverages bottles contain images of fruits or raw products that are used to make that juice. This design is quite old now. If you wish to grab the attention of buyers then, you should have a mysterious and different packaging design. 

For instance, the Superfly Drink by the renowned company Firefly contains a much mysterious packaging design with a floral print and no logo on the front. Yes, people will surely stop and pick up the bottle to know what it actually is. Such designs invoke the curiosity of people. 

  1. Flexible Packaging Designs:

Flexible packaging is gaining prominence in the beverage industry due to environmental friendly plastics that are used in this packaging style. More and more beverage companies are moving to pouch packages that look different from normal bottles and are nature-friendly. 

Pouch manufacturers are producing packages in adaptable shape with compatibilized polyethylene. You can get a variety of flexible pouches like ready to pour pouches, stand-cap pouches and stand-up pouches from any pouch manufacturer. 

  1. Interactive Packages:

What is the thing that makes your packaging memorable? If you aren’t able to get the answer to this question then, it means you are not into interactive packaging. Interactive packages are more interesting than the normal ones as they contain some unique element with which the users can connect and interact. 

As nowadays people love to share the images of every product they consume on social media so; companies are choosing eye-catching and Instagram-worthy designs. Bottles with hidden messages, unique logos on which you can draw and puzzle games are some examples of interactive designs. 

  1. Colorful Foils:

The packaging industry is using silver, gold and copper foil for many years to attain a sophisticated and innovative end product. Beverages especially liquor sellers use such designs on their bottles. However, now you can find a plethora of other color foils in the labels of beverage packaging. 

These shiny foils look very distinct from normal package labels. You can also use a combination of colorful foils and normal plastic labels to create an innovative design for the packaging of your beverages.

  1. Uncommon Typography: 

People would definitely stop if they see anything unusual. Considering this, beverage companies are choosing uncommon fonts, writing styles and even peculiar quotes to get that attention. Sometimes, people buy a product just because the packaging impresses them and they want to take it home to show to others. 

Bottles with missing letters, different spellings, backward labels, and many such strange typographical elements are the new trend that you should try. 

  1. Holographic Logos:

Holograms are the images that appear to be three dimensional due to the interference of light. Holographic logos add a new dimension into the bottle and turn even a simple label into an exciting one. This effect captures the attention of buyers easily by providing extensive visual stimulus. 

Using holographic logos on the bottles of beverages is a great technique to visually engage the buyers for a few seconds as they scan through the shelf. Beverages like juices prefer such logos as they can attract kids as well.

  1. Sustainable Designs:

With the enhancing sensitivity towards nature and saving it, packaging designs are also shifting towards a more nature-friendly approach. Sustainable packaging is a great way of sending an ethical message along with promoting your product. 

Nature-based drinks like green tea; herbal drinks etc. should use this method to portray the importance of nature through their product and packaging both. Eco- friendly boxes, pouches and paper bottles are some interesting examples of sustainable packaging. 

Remember that, you have to make your product presentable enough to get the attention of your prospective clients. So, try out these new designs to make your beverage bottle attractive and eye-catching. 



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