Proven useful methods to get rid of blocked drains

blocked drains

Clogged drain! A serious issue and really frustrating. Clogged drain can be identified early. There could be many reasons for such a blockage. The most common types are objects stuck in the drain, grease forms a big layer of chunks that creates hard debris over time, gunk and hair, all these are a few bunch of things that happen often and creates huge problems in your home.

Once the drain is clogged, you need to work on it as quickly as possible. If not treated soon, you may encounter a burst pipe. In this post you will read about the  blocked drains solutions and how you can tackle some of the situations until you have the plumber right on the way.

If you fail in dealing with the clogged drain by yourself, get help from Blocked Drains in London and let them handle the plumbing mishap for you.

A lot of people complained that after they face a clogged drain, they have tried the hair and gunk removal method then the liquid plumber then the plunger, all these seem to solve nothing. You need to take corrective steps to make things work properly.

Try to notice the sign of a clogged drain earlier

A clogged drain doesn’t happen suddenly. It gives the homeowner enough signs to repair before it gets worse. If you failed to notice those little signs of drain, it might increase the problem more and will worsen the entire situation. The moment you know about the situation, it may lead to costly repairs, water damage due to overflow, and also the frustration for residents.

Solving the most common clogging issues

  • Kitchen sink clogs happens often and is easy to prevent. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to prevent anything going down the sink. Those of food particles should be first filtered away. Use a basket rainer while dishwashing as this will help the homeowner to get rid of the clogging issue. Prefer disposing the greasy items and leftovers into a dustbin.

You can also use a liquid degreasing dish soap in order to clean off the excess of hard substance from the sink.

  • Lavatory Sink Clogs can also have clogging issues just like the kitchen sink. Wastes from our everyday healthcare regime such as hair, soap and personal products can lead to clogged drain. Make sure that the pop up assembly is in its place. If you can’t see the pop up, you can use a screen to catch hair and other particles that fall into the sink. A lot of times, a clog becomes so stubborn that can’t be cleaned by any means. You need special equipment to do that. In such a scenario, a plumber can rectify the problem and get it fixed for you.
  • Showers & Tub Drain Clogs can be prevented by using a strainer to pull out the hair going into the line. A lot of times, hair just falls in no matter how you take care of it by tying your hair. The best solution for this would be to brush your hair prior to your showering as this will help in falling off the hair when you brush.
  • Toilet Drain Clogs happen occasionally and needed to be taken care of. Only flush water and toilet paper products. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should throw the paper as much as you want. Papers with times can clog the drain easily.

You need to see the type of toilet paper you are using. There are a variety of toilet paper in the market. The thicker the toilet paper would be, the easier it would be to flush. But also keep this in mind that thicker toilet paper can clog the drain over time. Make sure that you don’t throw any paper towels or flushable products as they don’t break down and thus can remain there in the clogging form. Sometimes the blockage seems to be so hard to clean that you need Blocked Drains in London to help you get rid of the super mess.

Things you could use to clean the clogs

Using a wire coat hanger

Take a regular wire coat hanger and straighten it out. Bend one end so that you have a shape of a small hook. Push that past the drain cover and start fishing. You will get those hairs and gunk out of your sink. Be calm and patient while doing this. As you may can push the gunk more inside it. So be careful while pulling it up. After you get all those blogged substances out, run the hot water, and it will clear everything.

Using baking soda and vinegar

Add 1/3rd cup of baking soda with 1/3rd  cup of vinegar in a measuring cup. Pour the solution immediately down the blocked drain. The solution creates a fizz which helps in removing the gunk, hair, and grime that has built up in the pipe. Keep it for one hour or overnight if you can. Flush with hot water. You can also do in this way- pour dry baking soda first and then the vinegar. It will also help in creating the fizz inside the drain.

Using wet & dry shop vacuum

Set the vacuum to liquids. Cover up the vent in order to prevent any fuss. Then, tighten up the seal over the drain. You can also use the old plunger head for this purpose. The vacuum is powerful enough to drag those clogged substances out of the drain within minutes. However, it might not work in certain times. You can give it a try!

Using hot boiling water

Another effective method is hot boiling water. Take a kettle and boil the water. Pour it slowly down the drain in two to three stages. Allow the hot water to sit there for about several seconds in between each pour. This method is easy and quick to unclog a drain.

Never ignore the small signs your clogged drain gives you. If you find no solution, don’t hesitate to talk to the Emergency blocked drains in London  and explain them about your plumbing conditions.

Using caustic Soda

For this method, you need to take some protection. Get a rubber gloves and eye protection. Caustic soda (also known as Sodium Hydroxide) causes chemical burns so you need to be cautious. You’ll get the solution from any local hardware store. Add  3/4 gallon of cold water into a bucket, and then add 3 cups of caustic soda. Mix it with an old wooden spoon. This will heat up and helps in removing the blocked drain. Pour it into the drain and leave for 20-30 minutes, then flush the drain with boiling water. If needed, you can repeat the process once more.

Hopefully, all these methods work in some way to deal with clogged drains. But in case you are still having some issues, you can always call emergency drain cleaning company in London.

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