Love is one eternal relationship that remains in life forever. There are ups and downs in every relationship, so it is in love. But it is that one relation that recovers from every peril that come to its ways. Saying ‘I Love You’ is tough. But as once you say it, it becomes your habit to say your love those three magical words every day many times. It is not possible for every day to give surprises to your beloved while telling her the intense feeling of your heart. But sometimes, you can.

Here are 5 cute surprise ways of saying her I Love You in a style.

1) Use the element of surprise Hand-made Card

Anything that you make with your own hand is personal. And you make something special for the one who is you believe you’re personal. SO, a personalized gift is always the best way of expressing love to your beloved. You can make a card with painting, sketching or even any other hand craft things you see from online sites. If your lady love is fond of creativity, this card will blow her mind. Such a card on occasions is expected. But, on an ordinary day, a special gift like this for the special person will definitely be the element of surprise for her. The hand-made card with I Love You message will be the best gift idea to surprise her.

2) Get them a Huge Teddy

Plush toys and ladies share a very common relation. Ladies love the plush toys, the teddy bears- and it becomes more special when it is gifted by their beloved boyfriend. So, on birthdays, Valentine’s Days and other special days, a gift like this might not be that much surprising for her. But, on an ordinary day, a gift like this would be a bolt from the blue for her. You know her choice of a teddy bear. Go and get one human-size teddy or like that to make her ordinary days special as well. This can be a great way of how to say I Love you on the first site.

3) Present them a Bouquet of Thousand Roses

Occasions like lover’s day, Valentine’s Day, people choose to give flower bouquets to express their love to their beloved girlfriends. But, the gesture is very common. You can take a common idea and can make it special. On any ordinary day, you can create 1000 red rose bouquets and gift it to her. It can be a day to remember for her from the moment you propose her with the huge bouquet. You can order a romantic flower for her from the online gift shop to get the best flowers at the cheapest price. She will just love this day forever.

4) Say her I love you With Her favorite Song

Love is one such feeling that can be expressed through many things. One of the sweetest of them is through music. You know your girl’s favorite playlist. And there has to be a song that talks of love, or spell the words ‘I Love You’. You can just use that song to express your love for your lady. Sing that song no matter how bad you are a singer. But, she would understand what you want to say. She would definitely not judge your voice but will fall for your effort and feelings. This can be one of the interesting things to do instead of saying I Love You.

5) Doing things just because

Love is one such feeling that does not need any excuse to do things. You can do anything for your beloved just because you are in love with her. You can take a leave for her; cook her favorite dish for her. You can take her to movies and dinners. Or sometimes you can even take her for a drive as well. It is nothing but to make her sure of how much you love her. She would be mesmerized to have you in her life. And she won’t think twice to accept your love for her.

It’s not always the words that can express love for your beloved. Sometimes, small cute surprises do way better. Above are those best surprises to express your love for your beloved.  

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