First of all, let me tell you that this is not a trick or hack that you can watch tv channels on your smartphone without a premium subscription in India. Here providing the genuine information that you can make use of to add entertainment with your favorite tv channels, shows, movies, no matter where you are.

Now the smartphone is everything and is non-avoidable in our everyday life. Not only for entertainment but for communication, business process, etc can be done using a smartphone. Now a lot of apps are available on android and iOS platforms. To watch tv channels online live there are so many apps are available.

Channels streaming apps – Legal and Illegal apps

Why legal and illegal apps on tv channels streaming?. There are so many apps are available to download on the internet that provide tv channels online. Then what is illegal? Yes, they are apps that are developed by the third party developers providing online live streaming of channels without any legal permission from the owners. they make use of technical loopholes to provide tv channels via their apps. but this is very illegal and i won’t recommend to download and install that on your smartphones. they never charge any premium to enjoy the channels. but it is very illegal to download and install on your smartphone.

some of the examples are showbox, cinemabox etc. These apps are not available to download from google play store since they are providing pirated content via their app. so play store not publish such app on their platforms. so it is better to download the apps from google play store or from any other trusted sources such as official websites. If you want to download the app from any other website, just check the app is available on google play store listing.

Watch Tv Channels Without Premium Subscription

You may have heard about the apps that provide movies streaming, tv channels online etc with paid subscription. amazon prime, hotstar, etc are examples. But here I am going to show you how you can watch about 600+ tv channels both regional and some international channels using your smartphone without monthly or yearly subscription.

You are in India, sure you may have heard about Reliance Jio, the 4G VoLTE network. Jio have it’s own developed tv channels streaming app called Jio tv app that provide channels streaming online without any premium subscription. Jio have developed a set of apps that are exclusively for their Jio SIM users to add value to their services. Apps to make video calls, social media app, movies streaming app, their own wifi connecting app, news app etc are available. to manage their own jio account my jio app.

Among the Jio apps, Jio tv app is best and have got millions of downloads.

Jio tv app is perfect for the users because of it’s standalone features and functions. For Jio subscribers, with a data pack offer, they can stream 600+ channels in various categories and languages. Jio tv have very friendly UI design to make it easy to use. Now the app is updated with dark mode in order to adjust the interface in daytime and nighttime. It is free to watch tv channels on jio tv and not any premium subscription activated. All Jio users can download jio tv and login to the app with jio id and password to enjoy tv channels with the high speed 4G VoLTE Jio network. The users need to have an active data pack to enjoy the app. If you are using any other network, you want to activate both data pack and premium charge to watch channels on your smartphone. while you are using Jio, you just need to have an active data plan. so you can save money.

Using Jio Tv App Is Legal?

Reliance Jio is well known 4G network in India. They have now almost 320 million unique users in 2019. Jio have in tie up with the biggest channels networks and hotstar. They have copyright to stream the channels via their smartphone application. So it is very safe to use jio tv app on your smartphone.

How To Use Jio Tv?

Just need to have a Jio SIM with an active data pack. Then download and install jioTv app on your smartphone. Both iOS and android version of the app is available. If you have inserted Jio SIM, you will automatically logged in to the app. Now just open the app, you can see two drop down menu where main two categories. You can select or filter our channels using those drop down menu. This is very helpful for you to filter particular category of channels. The drop down is based on languages and channels categories.

Other Brands?

There are so many other apps are available to stream tv channels like voot, Sony Liv, Idea Tv. Airtel Tv, vodafone Tv, etc. But they have only a limited number of channels in their free subscription and you have to buy the premium pack in order to get more channels. I think, Jio is only providing more than 600 channels including some HD channels and their own channels for sports, football etc.